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A Practical Guide to Karma & Awakening to a Better Life

[Updated June 26, 2022] Karma is our conditioned response to the world; Synchronicity is how we master our Karma to live an awakened life.

Alan Lew
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37 min readMay 22, 2022
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[1] Definitions of ‘Karma’
— [1.1] In Sanskrit, Karma means…
— [1.2] The 3 Levels of Karma
[2] Samskaras (Conditioned Responses) Create Karma
— [2.1] Good & Bad Karma
[3] ‘Kriya’ is the Opposite of Karma
—[3.1] Kriya Releases of Karma — (1) Sleep; (2) Destressing
[4] 2 Types of Karma Yoga
— [4.1] Doing Karma Yoga
— [4.2] Being Karma Yoga
[5] The Game of Life
— [5.1] Karmic Nudges to Stay on Course
— [5.2] Synchronicity as Karma & Kriya
[6] Related Resources

As our ego-self, we are forever trying to find a meaning for our existence. If we identify in the least bit as spiritual, then karma is likely one way that we give meaning to events that arise in our lives.

Recently, within 2 days, I came across 3 discussions on karma (see section [6] below). There are no coincidences in a universe where everything connects to everything else. So that must mean it is time to write about karma. 😁

[1] Definitions of ‘Karma’

The most popular definition of karma is “fate or destiny resulting from one’s previous actions” (source).

So it is something we experience because of something we did.

Thus, another very common definition of karma is the universal law of cause-and-effect. That “law” is in many religious and spiritual traditions, as well as in our secular legal systems. It is fundamental to our moral and ethical understanding. “We reap what we sow”.



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