An Energy Group / Higher Self Channeled Message

The Astonishing Vastness of the “Soul Dimension”

The number and diversity of souls in 6D is mind-boggling for our 3D human brain — and that’s a good thing!

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
6 min readSep 14, 2021
by James Cridland (cc-by,

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I heard Christian Sundberg on Buddha at the Gas Pump today. In answer to a question, he said that the diversity of souls is far greater than the diversity of humans on Earth. We humans are pretty much all the same in comparison.

That response was in answer to a question about the diversity of spiritual teachings. I found it insightful in understanding some of the confusing contradictions I hear from spiritual Channelers these days. But the universe is infinitely more confusing!

People mostly place individual souls in the 6th Dimension (6D), and oversouls in the 7th Dimension (7D). They place most of our Spirit Guides (including the Higher Self, beneficial ETs/galactics, and Guardian Angels) in the 5th Dimension (5D), though some put them higher.

For more on the spiritual dimensions of reality, see:

Given the large number of entities that exist in these higher dimensions, it is no wonder that the spiritual messages we receive from 5D and 6D are sometimes confusing!

Below is a short channeled message I received this evening from my Energy Group / Higher Self (EG/HS) on this topic.

ME: I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest from my guides or any other being who has a message for me. Blessings to all who hear this message.

EG/HS: Hello Alan.

One of the more important things that you learned today is the diversity of your universe, of our universe, of everything. There are infinite numbers of souls, each of which is different.



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

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