A channeled message from my Energy Group/Higher Self

Be Who “We” Are — Be “That”

One form of spiritual ascension is to become our Higher Self.

Alan Lew
3 min readMar 27, 2022


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I have been away from Medium and from channeling for the past couple of weeks as I was traveling to help with a family emergency away from my home. I am back now, though not fully recovered from the experience.

My first channeled message was about the trip I made. I did not share that one because it was personal. My Energy Group/Higher Self (EG/HS) emphasized the spiritual value of such all-consuming experiences. And they said there will be more to come because they contribute to my expansion.

Below is the second message, which I received today. This is an important message that applies to everyone…

ME: I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest. Blessings to all who may hear this message.

EG/HS: Hello, Alan.

Welcome back … to yourself. Welcome back to who you truly are in every moment.

When your mind, your ego mind, is not busily thinking about things, this is who you are. We are who you are.

Be that.

Quiet the ego mind. Use the ego mind for its purposes. Its ability to interact with your world, with your environment, with the things around you, with your physical body, with your emotions, with your story. Allow that.

But be us. Be who we are. Be your true self.

Join us. You have never left. But you are often disconnected.

Connect to your true self, to the silence, the witnessing. The wisdom is always there, from that space. The first inklings of thought, the first inklings of emotion, the first inklings of being are the deepest and the most powerful when they emerge from the silent, nothing, empty, witnessing that you, we are.

Be that — here and now.

That is our message for you for today. We love you. We love your experience. Namaste.

ME: Thank you, namaste.



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