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Visions of a “New Earth”: Let’s Bring 5D Consciousness to Our 3D Planet

[Updated April 5, 2023] My second lucid meditation encounter with Adelle this week.

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
7 min readDec 24, 2020
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This is a continuation of my experiences with Adelle. For a full understanding, you can first read an earlier experience here:

However, that article is not required. You can read the story below without losing any context.

5D Consciousness

I was listening to a guided meditation. It was December 23, 2020 — yep, during the peak period of the pandemic and at the end of the year. The meditation started out with instructions to notice our heart; then the empty space around us; then our inner vision; and then our higher chakras (above our head).

We were then to hold our awareness of these areas together as one. (That is difficult at first but gets easier over time and I am used to it now.) By the end of this meditation, I was calling the holding of these four spaces (heart, empty space, inner vision, & higher chakras) a “5D state of consciousness” and a “5D meditation practice”.

For this meditation, I knew when I was in that state when the lower back/hip pain I was experiencing this week (from shoveling snow) turned into a loving glow, which felt good. As soon as that changed back to pain, then I knew I had slipped out of my 5D consciousness. I would then return to thoughts of a loving embrace of the pain, my entire body, and my entire space, which would bring me back to 5D consciousness.

A Purple Adelle

After some time in the meditative state, the guidance called for a “non-physical teacher” to appear in our inner vision. All I could see was a vague sense of light, which had previously been mentioned in the guided meditation.



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

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