A Glossary of Spiritual Identities

Ego, Self, Soul, God, & More: Who Do You Want to Be Today?

[Updated April 3, 2022] How to know your ego, self, higher self, soul, spirit, and God/Source.

Alan Lew
11 min readApr 5, 2021


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I POSTED this meme (“You are always only talking to yourself” ⬇️) on my Facebook page. The simple reason I believe this is true is because, despite how diverse our experiences are, we are all “One”. At our highest level of consciousness, there is no one else we can talk to.

The problem is, of course, that we seldom feel that we are all One.

Facebook meme, by A. Lew, author (cc-by)

“Who Am I?” — A Complete List

ONE of the key, fundamental questions in spirituality is “Who am I?”.

The reason this is such an essential question is that the more you ask, the closer you get to the deepest part of yourself, which is your Soul.

There are different ways of mapping the path from our outer-self to our deepest inner-self. This is the one I use. A few concepts are in more that one level, depending on how we define them. The Higher Self, for example, is in both level 4 and level 7. I use bold to show what I consider a core idea for each level.

  1. Outer Ego / Social Self / Physical Body / Surface Thoughts & Spoken Words / The Id (Freud) / Physical Universe / Physical Reality / Annamaya Kosha / The 3rd Dimension or Density / Waking Reality >>
  2. > Personality / The Ego (Freud) / Inner Self / The Character / Psychological Self / Surface Beliefs / The Doer / The Story / Deeper & Unspoken Thoughts >>
  3. > Astral Body / Energy Body / Self / Emotional Body / Deeper Self / Intuition / Ghosts / Aura (inner layers) / Subtle Body / Prana Body / Pranamaya Kosha / Dream Body / Individual Subconscious / Awakening / Dream Reality / The 4th Dimension or Density>>
  4. > Mental Body / Causal Body / Higher Self / True Self / Aura (outer layers) / The Superego (Freud) / Deep Sleep…



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