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Spiritual Explainer: “The Matrix” — What It Is & How to Escape It

[Updated July 7, 2022] You escape the Matrix by becoming the Matrix, among other techniques.

Alan Lew
29 min readAug 22, 2021


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A Reader’s Question: Please help me. I want to be free from this Matrix. I want my sovereignty. This is my free will choice. Please remove the bootie gig and cure me. I’m a 7th dimensional being and don’t want to be programmed by AI. Please help! Thanks for your time.

My Response: This is a long response because it is a topic I have been wanting to write about. I don’t know what a “bootie gig” is and I cannot cure anyone — you only ever cure yourself. But some ideas below can help you do that.

To help guide your interests, here is a list of the topics covered.

  1. What is “The Matrix”?
    [1.1] The Holographic AI Simulation Matrix
    [1.2] The Alien Manipulation Matrix
    [1.3] The Global Elite / Brainwashing Matrix
    [1.4] Spiritual Matrices
    [1.5] The Akashic Records as the One Ultimate Matrix
  2. A Multiplicity of Matrices
    [2.1] Non-Spiritual Matrices; [2.2] Spiritual Matrices
  3. Spiritual Alternatives to the Dominant Matrix
    [3.1] The Oneness Response
    [3.2] The Ego Response
    [3.3] The Nonduality Response
    [3.4] The Create-Your-Own-Reality Response
    — (1) Subconscious Beliefs; (2) Spiritually Asleep; (3) You-Create-It-All
  4. Is This All “Spiritual Bypassing”?
  5. Escaping the Matrix
    [5.1] 5 Self-Education Approaches
    [5.2] 4 Spiritual Practices
    [5.3] Remember This Guy?

[1] What is “The Matrix”?

WE BELEIVE a Matrix controls us when:
— We feel we are not in control of our lives.
— We feel that we have no free will to make our own decisions.
— We feel that something completely outside of us is controlling everything we know and experience in our reality.

There are 2 ways to look at those feelings. One is to resist them and consider them something negative that needs to change. The other is to accept them, in a way, and…



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