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How to Make the Challenges of 2022 a Beautiful Experience

2020 & 2021 focused our monkey mind on what is essential in life. 2022 is when we start making that a reality!

Alan Lew
3 min readJan 11, 2022


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I know there are many challenges that humanity is facing here at the start of 2022. I read the news and I feel deeply for the suffering on our planet.

Elsewhere, I summarized the pandemic years as:

— 2020 was the Year of Upheaval in which our world was turned upside down
— 2021 was the Year of Recovery and Integration of our new reality
— 2022 will be the Year of Healing for ourselves and our planet

Spiritually, this is one way of approaching the challenges of 2022 and beyond…

  1. The challenges we see in our world (including the pandemic) are there to show us what we do not want. They help us focus our monkey mind on what is essential if life.
    — We (our ego-self) judge what we see as good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse. We use our emotional/astral body to send our judgment to our soul-self/higher self to manifest our desires. But the message must…



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