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Is Your Reality Real? … and How Would You Know?

[Updated Jan 15, 2023] Either Everything is Real or Nothing is Real, and we are stuck in between.

Alan Lew
14 min readJan 12, 2023


by Gemini Rising (Flicker.com, cc-by)

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  1. What is Real?
    — [1.1] Western Philosophy
    — [1.2] Physics
    — [1.3] Hinduism
  2. Two Opposite Extremes of Real & Unreal
    [2.1] Nothing Is Real
    — [2.2] Everything is Real
    — [2.3] Two Spiritual Paths
  3. In Between Realities
    [3.1] EXPERIENTIAL IN-BETWEENESS—[1] Objective Reality, [2] Subjective Reality
    [3.2] SPIRITUAL IN-BETWEENESS — [1] Only “Direct Experience” is Real, [2] Only “Universal Energy” is Real, [3] Only “Consciousness” is Real, [4] Multiple “Dimensions” of Reality
    [3.3] SOCIAL IN-BETWEENESS — “Get Real”

[4] Being Both the Individual and the Absolute
[5] Related Resources

[1] What is Real?

No one really knows what is real. But it is a fundamental question in science, philosophy, and spirituality. Here are three approaches to that question:

[1.1] Western Philosophy



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