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“Be Here Now” Means to Master Space (3D) & Time (4D)

[Updated April 4, 2022] New insights on the spiritual 3rd & 4th dimensions based on the teachings of Matias De Stefano.

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
10 min readJun 6, 2021


by Hans Kylberg (Flikr.com, cc-by)

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Navigating Space & Navigating Time

As humans, we live in a reality that is structured by Time and Space.

  • We know space by watching things, including ourselves, move from one place to another.
  • We know space by occupying our bodies, our homes, and our communities.
  • We know space through the mental maps we hold of our world.
  • We know time by seeing the seconds pass on a clock.
  • We know time by seeing ourselves and our world change with age.
  • We know time through our individual and shared memories and histories.

In an article that I recently completed, I described how the young spiritual teacher, Matias De Stefano, says that we

  • learn to navigate Space in the 3rd Dimension, and
  • learn to navigate Time in the 4th Dimension.



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

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