The Nonduality of Peter Brown

Raw Experience is the Fastest Way to Nondual Self-Realization

[Updated 10/16/22] We know nothing beyond our direct sensory perception, everything else is faith and fantasy.

Alan Lew
17 min readAug 30, 2022


by Arno Hoyer (, cc-by)

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[1] We Know Nothing Beyond Our Direct Sensory Perceptions
— [1.1] Reality
— [1.2] Fantasy
— [1.3] Faith
— [1.4] Direct Experience & Presence
[2] Peter Brown — A Modern Nondualist
— [2.1] What is Reality?
— [2.2] The Fastest Way to Self-Realization
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[1] We Know Nothing Beyond Our Direct Sensory Perceptions

What we directly perceive with our senses, before our judgmental mind kicks in, is the only true reality that each of us ever knows. That unconditioned reality is a very real experience. We know it because our senses directly perceive and experience it in every moment.

But just because our senses are always directly perceiving and experiencing reality, does not mean our mind is doing so. Everything beyond our direct sensory experience is a mix of fantasy and faith created by our mind. And, unfortunately, most of us spend a lot more of our time in fantasy and faith than in our direct experiences of.

[1.1] Reality

What we perceive with our eyes are energy particles (photons) or waves vibrating in the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic energy field. They appear in our field of vision as a mass of colors and shades of light and dark.

What we perceive with our ears are multiple and intermixing waves of energy vibrating the space surrounding us and our ear drums at different frequencies (speed), wavelengths (pitch), and amplitude (volume). Our ears transmit those vibrations to our brain, which interprets them as sound.



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