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The Ukraine Invasion: A Spiritualist Perspective & Response

[Updated April 7, 2022] How to find your spiritual center amid the violence & darkness of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Alan Lew
17 min readFeb 25, 2022


A gift from a Ukrainian graduate student, which is among my favorite hats. (photo by Alan Lew, author, cc-by)

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Part [1]: Spiritualist Responses on Ukraine

22 February 2022 (or 22022022) was supposed to be yet another milestone in Earth’s current path toward spiritual ascension.

Two days later, on February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine and turned the world upside down.

Among the channelers I have listened to on YouTube, I have also not heard any clear clairvoyant messages on Ukraine. A couple said they are picking up that Putin is ill, and this is his last stand. But that feels like wishful thinking on their part.

Mostly, I have heard the following spiritualist responses to that event:

  1. The most common interpretation is that invasion is the last shadow or the first of many shadows that will arise to be recognized as humanity moves into a higher spiritual density or dimension. It is a mirror or externalization of the inner mind of humanity, which includes all of us. We create our reality, and we collectively created this war to (1) show us the shadows that we still hold within, and (2) teach us to choose a new higher path over our old conditioned ways.
    — As we ascend, both individually and collectively, each new phase exposes shadows we have hidden away and ignored. For some, these are Dark Night of the Soul experiences of bliss followed by despair. But it is a natural process as we learn to go deeper into ourselves from…



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