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Time Is the One of the Most Powerful Vibrations of Our Universe

[Updated June 18, 2022] How to understand & use “Time” as an energy wave vibrating in the “Spiritual Theory of Everything”.

Alan Lew
32 min readDec 11, 2021


by Hartwig HKD (Flicker.com, cc-by)

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  1. Energy Waves as a “Spiritual Theory of Everything”
  2. The Frequency, Wavelength, & Amplitude of Time —
    — [2.1] Space as ‘Duality’ and Time as ‘Change’
    —[2.2] “Time” is how we experience wave Frequencies
    — [2.3] “Space” is how we experience wave Wavelengths
    — [2.4] “Form” is how we experience wave Amplitudes
    — [2.5] Wave Signatures & Time
  3. Creating Our Spacetime Universe
    — [3.1] Our 3D World: Past-Present-Future, Cause + Effect, & Free Will
    — [3.2] Shared Timelines — Our Social Selves
    — [3.3] But Time Doesn’t Exist
    — [3.4] The Block Universe Theory of Time & Space
    — [3.5] We Live Longer & Are More Productive with a Higher Frequency
  4. Working With the Waves of Time
    [4.1] Changing Past & Future Frequencies
    — [4.2] Using the “Law of Attraction”
    — [4.3] Raising Our Consciousness (Dimension)
    — [4.4] Other Ways to Work With Time
  5. Birth-Lifetime-Death — The Wave of Incarnation

[1] Energy Waves as a “Spiritual Theory of Everything”

Everything that we experience is an energy vibration emerging from a universal Source, which we also call God, The Absolute, and All-That-Is. That is quite a common New Age spiritualist belief.

Our universe emerges from a single wave of energy vibrating between positive (+) and negative (-) polarities. Variations in the energy wave’s motion, compression, and expansion create and enliven the diversity of all creation. That is true for all universes, realities, and spiritual dimensions.

The concentration of energy creates objects and forms at certain places and times. Different vibrations and concentrations result in different forms, thoughts, and experiences. These forms are both physical and non-physical.



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