Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm Program Basics

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3 min readNov 29, 2022


Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm is a first-of-its-kind digital collectible experience that connects you with your favorite series, characters, and moments through themed activities, upgradeable avatars, and digital collectibles from the world of Game of Thrones. As you prepare to build your epic collection, we wanted to share some information and terms you’ll want to know.

Chapters & Series

This program will feature multiple Chapters that represent the regions of Westeros and beyond. Digital collectibles, activities, and rewards will be unique to each Chapter’s regional houses, classes, characters, and items. Each Chapter will be broken up into multiple releases called Series to continue offering new and unique items to collect, as well as an accessible way for new collectors to join the program.

Boxes & Packs

Digital collectibles will be released in the form of boxes & packs designed to digitally bring you the excitement and surprise of opening traditional premium collectible boxes and trading card packs. Hero Boxes will contain a digital avatar and other collectibles that will align to the Chapter and region they represent. Packs will also contain a variety of collectibles to help you add to your collection and boost your avatar’s progress.

Hero Avatars

Digital avatars designed to represent distinct regions (i.e. The North) will be the flagship of the program and will only be available during their specific Chapter (or on the secondary market). Fate will decide how each avatar enters the realm. Varying attributes may mark them as a member of the Night’s Watch, find them in possession of a historic blade like Longclaw, or even have a loyal direwolf by their side.

Legendary Hero Avatars

Additionally, each Series release will contain super rare Legendary Hero avatars modeled after your favorite characters from Game of Thrones, giving select collectors the opportunity to experience the program as one of the iconic characters from the series.

Equipable & Resource Cards

Collectors will be given the opportunity to customize and upgrade their avatar by collecting and earning collectible cards of varying scarcity via Hero Boxes, Booster Packs and activities. Resource cards will represent metals, food and textiles that are designed to be forged together to create equipable cards. Equipable cards will represent weapons, shields, outfits, companions, and more that can be equipped onto an avatar. And similar to Legendary Hero avatars, there will be rare equipable cards designed to match weapons, settings, and creatures from the TV show.

Story Cards & Challenges

Beyond the interactive avatar collectibles, story cards will give fans the opportunity to build a collection of iconic scenes and moments from the TV series. Hero Boxes and Collector’s Packs will include Story Card collectibles that feature characters, locations, and battles directly from the Game of Thrones series. Additionally, certain collections and sets of story cards can earn you even more rare collectibles when you use them in themed collection challenges.


There will be more to share soon as we prepare you to explore The North. In the meantime, all episodes of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are available to stream on HBO Max.


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