How to Securely Participate in the Nimiq Token Sale

Visit to contribute


To contribute in the Nimiq Token Sale, you need to own ETH and transfer ETH to the Nimiq Token Sale Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Trusted Source

Do not use any Ethereum address information posted on Social Media channels, even if they appear to be from Nimiq (that includes not using information on any translated version of our site or posts). For security reasons the only trusted source for the Ethereum address to contribute ETH in the Token Sale will be available through:


On Wednesday June 28, around 1:00PM UTC, when the countdown reaches zero:
1. Click on “Token Sale” and follow the “Contribute” steps on
2. Open your wallet of choice. For example:
3. Enter the Nimiq Token Sale Ethereum Address and Data Value provided at Give your transaction enough gas (Recommended: 300'000 gas limit). NET will be issued to the wallet from which you contributed.

What you need

  • An Ethereum Wallet: if you don’t have one already you can try with MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist or ImToken. If you are not familiar with it watch a popular Youtube guide on how to setup and manage an Ethereum wallet using MyEtherWallet. Do not send ETH from an Exchange. Always send ETH to your own wallet first, and then contribute from there.
  • Ethereum Tokens: If you hold Bitcoin or other ERC20 Tokens we recommend using ShapeShift to exchange them for ETH. A Youtube guide on using Shapeshift can be found here.

Contribute using MyEtherWallet

  1. On June 28th ~1:00 PM UTC, hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 | Shift + Click Reload) the Nimiq webpage, Got to the “Token Sale” page. Follow the “Contribute” link and instructions after which the “Nimiq Token Sale Ethereum Address” and “Data Value” will be displayed. Copy them so you can use them in the next steps.
  2. Open MyEtherWallet and select Send Ether & Tokens from the top menu.

3. Insert your Private Key, Keystore file or similar. Then click Unlock to
 display your wallet information.

4. Your account information will be displayed.

  • Enter the Nimiq Token Sale Address provided on
  • Enter the amount of ETH you would like to contribute
  • Enter enough Gas (Recommended: 300'000 Gas Limit)
  • Enter the Data Value provided on
    (Click “+Advanced: Add Data”)

5. The transaction data will be generated. Now you just have to click send

6. As a security measure, MyEtherWallet will ask you to check your information. After this step your ETH will leave your wallet, so make sure the Address is in fact the Nimiq contribution address obtained from Then if you are sure click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”


You will now receive the amount of NET that corresponds to the amount of ETH you contributed. If the Token Sale does not meet its minimum goal of ETH5'000, your contribution will be refunded. If the Token Sale closes above the minimum goal, the NET received become transferable.

Note: Any addresses shown in samples are test addresses. The token sale address is still unknown until posted on


  • Do not send any ETH from an exchange. Always send ETH to your own wallet first, and then contribute from there.
  • If you don’t know which wallet to use we recommend
  • Use only the Token Sale Address provided at No other source is valid.
  • In the Data field use the value shared at Only transactions with the correct data value can be processed.
  • Select a Gas Limit of 300'000 or more.