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5 min readFeb 28, 2022


Adventurers, we’re very excited to share our ambitious roadmap for 2022.

Nine Chronicle has many tasks this year. Since the launch of the network, our amazing community has been very vocal about how to build a decentralized RPG that players can enjoy, compete, earn, and power together.

This year’s new updates will reflect the accumulated Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals (NCIP) as much as possible. In addition, we will hold a community vote every quarter to reflect your opinions directly on the system or content to be added next quarter. 🤗

💪🏻 2022 Challenges

  1. Release major updates to revamp Nine Chronicles’ economy with long term growth potential for the players and the network
  2. Add fresh content and reorganize existing ones to offer new cooperative/competitive challenges. Require complex situations for different types of equipment to be utilized.
  3. Release mobile client and PoS upgrade to grow our userbase
  4. Reflect community’s opinions on the roadmap consistently
  5. Build exciting partnerships with growth opportunities
  6. Update systems and basic balance to improve user experience

🗓 First Quarter

March will kick off with PvP Arena Season 2 — are you excited yet?!

We are planning to introduce level requirement for items after the event, which will increase the depth of trading and crafting activites.

In addition, location guide for obtaining specific materials will be added in item information tab, and a short cut will be provided.

Community voting for Arena Season 3 rewards and our digital card drop with KOLLECT will also be unveiled in March, so please pay a lot of attention.

🗓 Second Quarter

In the beginning of the second quarter, not only will Arena Season 3 be held in mid-April, we also aim to resume whitelisted community mining. In addition, we will rebalance items to stabilize the market economy, and this progress will be disclosed to the community with as much detail as possible.

At the end of the quarter, we will release the long-awaited 💎 ‘crystal system’ based on item dismantling. This will be one of the largest update to the 9C economy, with huge new opportunities for growth and earn. We will also introduce a major system update to the PvP arena, where a new competition to play-and-earn will become available every month. World 6 will also be opened with a set of new stages and items to craft.

During the second quarter, Nine Chronicles Dungeons, a game based on the Nine Chronicle IP developed by our community will be released as well. We are also creating a branch of the 9C experience on The Sandbox through our partnership — we can’t wait to share this!

🗓 Third Quarter

The major update arriving third quarter is the release of the World Boss 🔥, the first cooperative content of Nine Chronicle. This will add a new dimension of play to complement our competitive PvP Arena.

There will also be a huge overhaul of the NCG Staking Feature 🏦. We’ve always wanted to reward NCG holders with bonus opportunities to compete, earn, and grow. The staking overhaul will feature creative ways to unlock more fun, and will fundamentally change how players interact with the network.

And there will be the first Quarterly Arena, a larger organized PvP event. With more diverse rewards at stake, we expect sharp competition among our adventurers.

We are also exploring NFTs by utilizing our amazing assets and art. Who wouldn’t want to collect cute Nine Chronicles PFP? 🐱

In addition, we plan to make the proof of stake testnet of the Nine Chronicle available to the public.

Last but not least, through a Summer seasonal event, one of the biggest festivals of Nine Chronicle will be held 🌞

🗓 Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter with Halloween 🎃 and Christmas 🎄 events will be an exciting season to come. In addition, ‘The Annual Arena’ will be held at the end of the year. This event, held only once a year, will close out 2022 with the largest rewards of the season.

We’re also excited to reveal that the mobile version of Nine Chronicle will be unveiled at the end of the year, which will unlock the game to a wider audience all across the world. From the very beginning, we planned Nine Chronicles as a multi-platform blockchain gaming experience that travels with you. We look forward to testing this together with our dedicated community before the release 😼

Along with this major release, we are planning to roll out the Proof of Stake network upgrade to decrease network’s latency significantly.

Go share the news, find your friends to earn together, and see you in the arena soon!

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community. Cheers! 👋



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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