We’re nominated at the Net Awards!

😮😮 Say whatttt?! We just found out we’ve been nominated for ‘New Agency of The Year’ at the 2015 Net Awards!

Firstly, THANK YOU to anyone that put us forward for this nomination, it’s very, very humbling.

It feels strange writing this, as just 2 years ago I was lucky enough to win Young Designer of The Year when I was really just dipping my toes into the industry. Since then the ride has had some incredible highs followed by some pretty big lows. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have read this blog post, which goes deeper into why that is.

But one of the absolute best things to come out of that award was meeting Ryan Taylor on the night of the ceremony.

I’d admired Ryan’s work from afar for quite some time, and always wanted to work with him on something. We talked and said that we must do something sometime, then we got drunk and the night continued to go down hill from there ;)

The good news is, we did work together. And since then, (as you’re probably pretty aware) we went on to start a company together — No Divide. The lows have been replaced with new challenges and thankfully, many, many more enjoyable moments! Ryan and I wrote about the decision here and here on Medium, if you fancy a read!

Together we’ve launched oozled, which has carried on to be a great success with over 6000 registered users (thank you!), and worked on some great client projects including Five Simple Steps, Motion Array, Herself (NSFW) and many more in the pipeline.

Alongside this, Ryan wrote his book, Version Control with Git and I’ve been lucky enough to be speaking at some amazing conferences around the UK.

To top off, what has been an incredible 7 months we’ve also hired two fantastic developers Matt and Sam. Who we are already learning lots from and cannot wait to show you what we’re doing together!

The final icing on the cake has been this nomination, we are truly humbled and thank you for even considering us for this award. If you think we deserve recognition or you like what we do, then please consider a vote, it only takes a minute.

👉 Vote here: https://thenetawards.com/vote/new-agency/no-divide/

Thank you from all of us.

Dan, Ryan, Matt, Sam & Lucie.

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