Audit the Vote: Dept of Justice

A 2-minute guide to support the call to audit the vote

Call the Department of Justice and ask them to audit the vote. Senator Lindsey Graham has already called on Congress to investigate the Russian cyberattack on the DNC and the election.

Public comment line 202–353–1555

Main number 202–307–2767

Toll-free 800–253–3931


My name is ___, and I’m a registered voter. I’m urging you to support the call to audit the vote, investigate voter suppression, particularly in North Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin, and investigate Russian tampering of US election results.

Words of encouragement

This call is as easy and straightforward as the one to the House Oversight Committee to review Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. As always, be polite. It takes less than 2 minutes to support the call to audit the vote, and you’ll be glad you stood up for something today.