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How do you design for diversity, inclusion, and equity in your community? #EduCommunity Answers (Part 4 of 5)

  • Voice and choice
  • Inviting purposely
  • Asking questions
  • Design by starting with the people who will be part of the community — their needs, hopes, desires. Include all voices.
  • Intentional conversations and action-oriented responses
  • When people understand each other, they can embrace this in the community
  • Tolerance bringer peace
  • Inspiring your community to come together for a common cause
  • Flexibility, always changing, communication, risk-takers
  • University students + K-5 students + children’s hospital + industry
  • New + real problems
  • To include diverse teachers in planning
  • Talk to students all the time
  • Intentionally self-reflect and assess. Bring new voices to the table. Move the table if needed. Identify and reach outside your network. Co-design.
  • Ask hard ?s. Bring in all stakeholders. Go slow.
  • Include voices from the community representing the diverse perspectives
  • Value everyone’s perspective and make mission-aligned decisions
  • Bringing multiple perspectives to the table
  • The UE program is open to all students — everyone is learning communication skills and part of the conversation
  • Bring people together in neutral places and create a new revised network
  • Meeting students where they are. Lots of individual modifications
  • Reach out to different communities
  • By knowing they exist and find solutions in those space. Stakeholder input
  • Creating a variety of learning opportunities for each required skill
  • Open
  • Reuniting a diverse group of participants
  • Designs that don’t create a marginalized student → materials, access, visuals, culture, language
  • Visioning process
  • With a common goal with all parties considered
  • We promote restorative justice
  • Make efforts to include all stakeholders (not centrally race)




We’re New Yorkers working together to equip ALL of our city’s young people with the skills, resources, and community support they need to flourish as happy, engaged, and impactful citizens of the world. These are our stories.

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Deborah Chang

Deborah Chang

Educator Entrepreneur and Community Builder: I Take Down Systemic Barriers to Education Innovation. Founder, #NYCEDU.

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