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What type of community are you building? #EduCommunity Answers (Part 3 of 5)

  • Collaborative and Engaged
  • Mentorship community — a group of mentors who help students bring their gifts to the world
  • Arts appreciation
  • People in our district who are working to design the best professional learning opportunities
  • An open and informal learning space for all
  • SOCIAL FABRIC + inclusive, responsive, EQUITABLE
  • Teachers who want to learn about improving pedagogy
  • A functional community of tech leaders across the state (AK) who can share resources, research
  • A national network of local ecosystems
  • I want to bring local employers (tech) and local under-served residents together as stakeholders in tech training
  • Reading and writing teachers who are trying to best implement workshop strategies
  • One in which we cheer each other on
  • Opening a new PK-8 in Aug 2018
  • Innovative, curious learners excited to collaborate with students
  • A Daring Community
  • Collaborative Learning Community (Schools → Parents & Community)
  • A community that will work together to learn new things…and then implement them
  • Leadership. All girls (K-8). Nontraditional. “Innovative”
  • A cohesive educational community of teachers in my district
  • My community is a neighborhood center with the following elements: High Quality Early Childhood Center, Teaching Lab for Early Educators, Community Hub for services and support
  • Teaching/Leadership of area early childhood providers
  • Globally appreciative
  • We have an awesome Ed Innovation Community of parents, students, teachers, admins and community leaders in Kansas City! We support K-12 entrepreneurs
  • Dynamic and thinking center for education innovation
  • School, Employer, CBO
  • Equity Innovator for Community Change
  • People who want to work together to improve education
  • An inclusive one
  • Detroit’s future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs
  • Generative ecosystem (that’s the hope)
  • I am building a community of learners empowered by the fact that they are loved and see daily compassion modeled
  • A haven for TFA alums focused on the private space
  • Community of students, educators, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals
  • Community: teachers of different backgrounds, teacher coachers, community partners, students
  • One with successful students, strong schools, and thriving businesses and organizations
  • A collaborative community that challenges others to constantly grow
  • My hope is to grow my community into a group that embraces change and innovation




We’re New Yorkers working together to equip ALL of our city’s young people with the skills, resources, and community support they need to flourish as happy, engaged, and impactful citizens of the world. These are our stories.

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Deborah Chang

Deborah Chang

Educator Entrepreneur and Community Builder: I Take Down Systemic Barriers to Education Innovation. Founder, #NYCEDU.

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