O3 Supports the Ontology Token Swap and Main Network!

We’re excited to announce that O3 will officially be supporting its second blockchain network, Ontology! You’ll be able to store your ONT and ONG directly in O3. Sending and claiming will follow soon after the Mainnet launch too!

Why Ontology?

O3 is committed to supporting the vision of the Smart Economy, and we believe that Ontology, along with NEO will be the backbone of this ecosystem. Thus all native assets that are available on Ontology will be supported in O3, which makes O3 the only wallet in the world which supports both blockchains!

Everything will be the same for the User Experience. Your NEO address and private key will also become your Ontology address and private key. So you don’t even need to make a new address.

We hope that this integration will help us reach our goal of being the premier, user friendly gateway to the Smart Economy.

O3 Verified Addresses

We’ve also provided a safe way to swap your ontology tokens without any risks of scammers! We’re introducing O3 Verified Addresses.

Verified Ontology Token Swap

Often times when there is an ongoing token swaps scammers will send out fake addresses in order to try and steal people’s hard earned tokens. With O3, you can rest assured that your tokens are going to the right place. We hope to expand this service to more token swaps in the future. We also envision this as potentially useful tool for exchanges to combat scammers! So be on the look out for more verified addresses in the future.

O3 Token Swap Guide

*PLEASE NOTE* This function will only be available in the new update (iOs version 1.6.0 and Android version 1.10.0) which will be released on the day of the Ontology Mainnet launch, June 30th.

The token swap function in O3 is very simple. If you want to swap your NEP5 ONT tokens to the ONT Mainnet tokens from O3 please go to your account/assets screen. If there are any ONT NEP5 tokens in your wallet, you will see the Token Swap screen show up. Next just click Swap Tokens.

This will bring you the send screen. The address that is already filled in is the verified address for the Ontology Token Swap and should not be changed. If you do not see the green verified mark then it is not the correct address for the token swap so please double check.

Next just fill in the amount of tokens you want to swap. Please note that we automatically change the amount of tokens to a round number, because like NEO the Mainnet ONT is not divisible. DO NOT change this amount and add decimals because you will lose the decimal part. Also it is suggested by Ontology that you try it with one token first, before doing bigger amounts. If you’re ready to go just click send.

Please check the details about the official Ontology Token Swap here. After sending your NEP5 ONT tokens will get burned and after 24 hours you will receive your ONT Mainnet tokens. In your wallet the ONT Mainnet tokens will show up, and you can distinguish them from the NEP5 tokens because it says (MainNet).

That’s all! For more details on Ontology and their Mainnet launch please check the official Ontology social media accounts, or feel free to discuss and post questions about it in the O3 community page.

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