Crowning the First Royal Purple Rose Oasis Ambassador

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Introducing, Evgeny, our reigning Royal Purple Rose Ambassador

It is our honor to announce and introduce the first ever Royal Purple Rose ambassador- Evgeny, also known as @cheE22 on Telegram!

In August 2020, after becoming interested in the Oasis Network and chatting with our beloved Community Lead, Jon Poole- Evgeny planted his roots at Oasis and joined our Ambassador program. Like all ambassadors, he started his journey in our program as a White Rose ambassador, then with hard work and dedication, raised his tier to Gold, then Burgundy, and finally he became a prestigious Emerald Rose Ambassador. As his rank increased, so did his responsibilities, but with each promotion, Evgeny has continued to embrace his role and teach others what it means to be an Oasis Ambassador. The countless hours Evgeny spends helping others, creating content, and contributing to our entire community are felt and appreciated by all who have had the pleasure of interacting with him, and it shows- his fellow ambassadors voted that he be awarded the title of Royal Purple Rose Ambassador!

On behalf of the Oasis team, and our community- thank you, Evgeny, and congratulations on obtaining the coveted title of Royal Purple Rose Ambassador.

You, too, can join the ranks of our global ambassador program, and experience all it has to offer! Sign up here

Learn more about Evgeny, and his experience as an Oasis Ambassador below.

Introduction — tell us a little about your background
Hi. My name is Evgeny. I was born and grew up in Russia. I am 40 years old. At the moment I am working in construction, safety of buildings and structures. At the age of 15 I started snowboarding. At that time this sport had just appeared in Russia. I remember that I sold my Sony playstation and bought my first board). I am also interested in new technologies, especially data science and data analytics.

How did you get involved in blockchain and crypto?
I became acquainted with cryptocurrency in 2013. I accidentally read on some forum about the existence of bitcoin. I started to study it and at the end of 2013 I made my first transaction. I still keep the receipt of the first transaction to the exchange, as Scrooge McDuck kept his 10 cents)). I opted for Litecoin because bitcoin seemed expensive to me). Few people realized at the time what it would all grow into. Then there was a long market flat, and I just forgot about crypto. The comeback was at the end of 2016. The time of ico and the rapid development of blockchain began. In 2018, I first heard about Oasis Labs. Even then, I was attracted to the university’s team and the goals they set. In the summer of 2020, I met Jon Poole, a great person from the Oasis protocol team and after a while became an ambassador for Oasis Protocol

What first interested you about Oasis?
First and foremost is the protection of sensitive data. We live in an age where data is becoming a fundamental part of human development and technology. Everything around us generates terabytes of data, but unfortunately, its security is always at risk. Oasis successfully solves this problem both for the corporate sector and for the average user.

Can you describe what a day in the life of an Oasis Ambassador looks like? How has the program impacted you?
It’s pretty exciting. It’s usually helping people who have questions about the project and interviewing ambassador applicants. I love seeing new people who come in with a simple question, and as they learn about the project, seeing how it draws them in. Separately, I can mention the networking with other projects and the opportunity to partner with them. It’s a really interesting process.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being an ambassador?
The ambassador program has pushed me very much towards self-development. Thanks to it I started to learn English and now I will probably start to learn programming languages. Communication with people who are passionate about the project and, of course, the opportunity for growth that the Oasis Foundation team provides. Perhaps some people don’t know, but for ambassadors there is a Business Development program, after successful completion of which you can get a job in the company.

What about the most challenging?
Interesting question). In my two years as an ambassador I don’t remember any difficult moments. If there are any, the Oasis team or other ambassadors are always there to help. We have a very friendly and close-knit team.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to join our Ambassador program, what would it be?
“What we know is a drop, and what we don’t know is an ocean” — Isaac Newton Develop, study the project, the technology that surrounds it, and be sure that you will succeed.

What feature or use case of the Oasis Network excites you most?
Of course, it’s Parcel and Cipher. Parcel opens up new opportunities for people to own their data. The tokenization of data and the ability to build a marketplace with that data is really exciting. It also has the potential to take NFT to the next level and change the attitude of skeptics about this technology. Imagine how much of a furor NFT with Elon Musk genome would make)

I’m also very excited about the Cipher Paratime. It will fundamentally change the rules of the game at DeFi. We will be able to forget about Front-running, get Private and under-collateralized lending without revealing user data.

Thank you Evgeny, for being a treasured Oasis Ambassador, and all your contributions over the last 2 years.