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Introducing GemKeeper: A Security Audited DEX on the Oasis Network

We would like to welcome another successfully audited DEX to the Oasis Network! Earlier this week, GemKeeper.Finance announced the successful completion of their Peckshield security audit, making it the second DeFi protocol on Oasis to have completed an audit.

Wormhole USDT/ROSE
Wormhole USDT/ Anyswap USDC
Multichain BUSD/ ROSE
Multichain LINK/ROSE
Multichain AVAX/ROSE
Multichain FTM/ROSE
Multichain USDC/ROSE
Multichain BNB/ROSE

About GemKeeper



A better internet is only a matter of time. The Oasis network is trying to fix what’s broken by giving users back control of their data using a combination of secure compute and a proof-of-stake blockchain.

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