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We choose Oasis Labs and the privacy-first Oasis Network— creating a future where every individual is the owner of his or her memories and is an equal participant of the world’s decentralized knowledge economy.

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The Why: The Thesis

“Don’t solve the human, solve the problem.”

My entrepreneur journey always starts with this thesis. For the past 24 months, I have been obsessed with solving the problem of human memory retention and recall. Although my own memory is failing to recall the exact moment of the idea’s inception, I do recall the peak moments in my personal story when the fallibility of human memory first became vivid.

The co-founder of my previous company Aira — Larry Bock had been an invaluable partner, friend, and mentor. When he passed away in 2016 from pancreatic cancer, I distinctly remember sitting in a conference room alone, pondering how I can move Aira forward without him. Since then, I’ve been living with the mantra “What would Larry do?”

Throughout the years, the learnings and conversations I’ve had with Larry have since faded. To this day, I wish I can recall what we have talked about and be able to brainstorm with Larry again. The technology was not possible then, it is Now.

The What: The Problem

Human Memory Retention and Recall.

My intrinsic motivation has always been to solve hard biological problems with what is technically possible today and create an immediate impact on people’s lives.

Humans’ innate drive to forage for information has grown exponentially with our desire to become Superhumans. As we achieve success in seeking and indexing the world’s information, the demand for our ability to retain this information outpaces our capacity for recalling them.

This gap between what we seek and what we recall creates retention anxiety:

  • Human forget 80% of what is heard or said in 3 days. This information is lost forever.
  • Short term memory capacity is 7–10 words for 20–30 seconds. Today’s demand on human memory is ~23 words/second. This demand is ever-growing.
  • 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 65 has significant memory loss which impede daily functions. The most vulnerable population is the most impacted.

In the current pandemic, this anxiety has become more prominent due to new methods of communications and interactions. At-home distractions, stress, and increased levels of anxiety further reduce working memory capacity.

The How: The Solution

Convergence of Neuroscience, NLP, and Blockchain.

At, we create the AI extension of your memory:

  • Stack — A structured timeline of memory blocks enriched by AI transformers and secured by Blockchain.
  • Prime — A conversational AI that is continuously learning from your Stack for real-time recall.

Today, our technology is built on top of human conversational memory; in the future, other human outputs such as neuro/motor signals, such as Neuralink — highly private to each individual, and powered by AI models — increasingly demanding in compute. Our two overarching principles are: user trust—giving users complete control and ownership over their data, and user experience — delivering seamless user value with in-the-moment recall from their memory Stack.

In the recent two years, the evolution in Blockchain technology — developed by Oasis Labs and the Oasis Protocol Foundation, and the advancement in NLP technology — developed by, enable this rare moment in time where the convergence of these technologies “empower individuals to retain ownership and extract value from their personal data”.

The foundational technology and flexible architecture developed by Oasis Labs provide end-to-end user privacy and confidentiality guarantees while ensuring optimal user experience by maintaining storage and compute off-chain. This is highly aligned with our core principles and makes our partnership invaluable.

The When: The Future

Decentralized Peer-to-peer Information Economy.

Technology has paved the way for humans to seek information from centralized macro stores such as books at libraries, to decentralized stores such as Wikipedia, to simply querying for that micro piece of information through smart speakers. This trend of decentralization will continue to evolve in the foreseeable future.

As our partners at Oasis Labs and the Oasis Protocol Foundation believe in creating a future where users’ data can be tokenized and protected. At Personal,ai, we believe in creating a future where every individual can be the owner of his or her memories, knowledge, and insights.

With the necessary privacy guarantees, we envision a world where individuals can freely share and trade their knowledge and contribute to a global knowledge collective, where the intrinsic value of human intelligence can benefit both the individual as well as the world in this decentralized information economy.

The future is created from what we do today, not tomorrow. The When is Now. Create your Stack, request early access at



Suman Kanuganti
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CEO & Co-founder, is a digital extension of anyone’s personal brand. It is an AI model that uses your own data, facts, and opinions.