Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Star Prize Winners!

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Meet the Accelerator Stars of Spring 2022 with Vivi Lin

The Octopus Network Accelerator Program, in partnership with Huobi Incubator and Web3 Scholarship of Huobi Global, is pleased to announce the Spring 2022 Showcase Day Star Prize winners and the winner of the Huobi Incubator Prize.

The Spring 2022 six-week program began February 28th, 2022, with 50 teams from all over the world. Eleven graduates were invited to present their projects to a select, invite-only audience of industry experts for Showcase Day.

Judges of Showcase Day chose the top five projects to receive the Octopus Star Prize of USD 50k in grants, and judges from Huobi also selected one exceptional project to receive the Huobi Incubator Prize of USD 12.5k.

Meet the Spring 2022 Showcase Star Prize Winners!

The Octopus Network would like to congratulate the following Web3.0 protocols for completing the Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Program and winning the Star Prize:

  • AdMeta + Huobi Incubator Prize!
  • Nepbot
  • Memology
  • QSTN
  • PortalVerse

Octopus Network Showcase Day winners are each eligible for the Star Prize — USD 50k in grants. AdMeta is the recipient of both the Star Prize and the Huobi Incubator Prize!


AdMeta is an Octopus Network Accelerator Star Prize Winner

AdMeta is a Metaverse ad platform that focuses on preserving users’ privacy. Users’ private data is stored on the TEE layer of blockchain, ensuring that Metaverse advertisers can precisely target ads without knowing users’ information.

Nep Bot

Nep Bot is an Octopus Network Accelerator Star Prize Winner

Nep Bot is a Discord bot that allows server owners to create and set rules for token-gated communities on NEAR Protocol, thereby extending the Discord environment from Web2 to Web3.


Memology is an Octopus Network Accelerator Star Prize Winner

Memology is an NFT-based Avatar personalization platform for socials with animated emojis, accessories, and AI chat filters. Mint, trade, and transfer NFT Avatars and accessories.


QSTN is an Octopus Network Accelerator Star Prize Winner

QSTN is a blockchain-enabled market research portal where users answer questions, earn credit for their input, and spend them within the QSTN digital NFT marketplace.


PortalVerse is an Octopus Network Accelerator Star Prize Winner

PortalVerse is a decentralized cloud gaming network for open and highly immersive virtual worlds. It aims to build a peer-to-peer, distributed cloud gaming network that serves as computing power infrastructure for the Metaverse.

Congratulations to all Star Prize Candidates!

Eleven teams who graduated from the Spring 2022 Accelerator Course were invited to demo their product for Showcase Day. In addition to the above winners, we congratulate all candidates for their innovation and progress.

  • Bytepay — Code2Earn — A platform that supports paid tasks on Github.
  • SopoMeta — A multichain NFT platform for games and Metaverse.
  • SmartCV — Web3 labor hub for matching skill sets with employment opportunities.
  • Theia — A P2E Metaverse GameFi + NFT
  • Lucis Network — Gaming tournament platform to bridge Web2 <> Web3 Gamers
  • Mining-Magnet — An NFT-based Metaverse mining game.

Previous Star Prize Winners

The top five graduates of the first iteration of the Octopus Accelerator Program were each awarded the $50,000 Octopus Start Prize. Three out of the Winter 2022 Star Prize winners chose to enter the Appchain Candidate Pipeline in the Octopus Network.

Having been Upvoted by the Octopus Network Community, Atocha is now in its Booting stage. Both Discovol and Fusotao successfully passed Audit and are currently in the Voting Queue.

Learn more about how to become an appchain in the Octopus Network.

Apply for the Summer 2022 Accelerator Program

Tech, Tokenomics, Governance, Marketing, and more…

Available to Substrate developers and Web3.0 teams worldwide, the Summer 2022 Accelerator Program will provide Web3 teams with access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who conduct seminars, provide videos on specific topics, and are available as mentors.

The Octopus Foundation will hold a Showcase Day event at the end of the program to select the top five appchain projects — Protocols that win the Octopus Accelerator Star Prize will receive $50k in grants.

Huobi Incubator will also select one team to receive the $12.5k Huobi Incubator Prize.

Summer 2022 Accelerator Program Sign ups open until May 9th

The Summer 2022 Accelerator Course begins May 16th. Sign ups are now open until May 9th. To register your interest, please complete this form.

Through the Accelerator Program, the Octopus Foundation will directly fund up to 20 appchain projects each year, granting Octopus Star Projects up to USD 1M. The Octopus Accelerator Program does not take any equity or tokens from its participants.

About Huobi Incubator and Web3 Scholarship

Huobi Incubator is a full-cycle incubation program that combines industry research, investment management, and early-stage accelerator services. Its funding platform, Web3 Scholarship, is committed to funding Web3 builders and providing support with funds, incubator mentorship, and token listing opportunities for early-stage projects. For more information, please follow @huobi_incubator on Twitter.



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