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OKC (OKX Chain)

【OKC Weekly Report】01.08~01.14, 2022

OKC is a public blockchain initiative developed by OKEx that comprises a set of open-source chains that may be used as a platform for decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges. For more detailed information, check out our guide to OKC.


1. 144 projects in total have launched on OKC
(1) TVL $214 million
(2) 1.74 million holder’s addresses
(3) 76 million transactions

2. Dapp Ranking:

New Projects


L2Y provides not only GameFi guilds but also GameFi data and GameFi incubating services for the global market.


GeckoTerminal is a dashboard where you can check real-time tokens price, 24h volume and liquidity data.


Formless is positioned to be the “Steam of GameFi”, with the slogan “Where GameFi Begins”. It is the world’s first game platform that integrates non-custodial wallet, community, and information in the GameFi space.

Projects To Be Launched


Shambala is an artistic metaverse centered on music, movies, and IP. Here, people pioneer, build, develop, live, and harvest assets in the form of various NFTs.

MELI Games

MELI is a battle game utilizing playable NFTs with individual characteristics, referred to in-game as a Meliora. Players have several options when obtaining a Meloria, they can battle PvP or PvE to earn rewards, increase ranking or combine two NFTs to create a new, unique character NFT with special abilities.

Projects Update

  1. ISLANDSWAP was launched on the OKC main network for only 15 days, transaction count reach 1,190,280

2. CryptoBlades rewards upgrade for all chains. OKC increased from 18.75->200 SKILL/Hour.

3. Celestial IDO platform is developing and will be released to captains soon.

According to CryptoDep, Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market under $250M 14 January 2022 Celestial ranked first.

4. Check WePiggy Product Updates below

Events & Campaigns

  1. The 6th episode of 0xTalks By OKC. This time we dig deeper into Symbiosis Finance, how they have been successful in being a multichain enabler, their future plans and DeFi. Check out 0xTalks by OKC: Deep dive into Symbiosis Finance

2. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions:

On January 12th, the Chief Brand Officer of Shambala, Monica Bean, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team. Check Shambala AMA recap here.



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