OKX to Power Web3 Innovation as a Sponsor of Consensus 2023-Affiliated Hackathon ‘Web3athon’

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3 min readApr 13, 2023


We are excited to be among the leading chains sponsoring the highly anticipated Web3athon organized by Coindesk, Hackerearth, and Alchemy at Consensus 2023. The event is set to take place online from April 17 to May 31, with additional offline activities taking place at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas.

The recently-completed 2022 Web3athon was the largest multi-chain hack to date, with dozens of teams showcasing their work to the world. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better, bringing together over 5,000 developers worldwide eager to learn and create new decentralized applications.

As a leading blockchain network, OKT Chain’s sponsorship of this event aligns well with our commitment to building developer communities and promoting blockchain education. We hope to contribute to the success of this year’s Web3athon and bring more innovation to life.

OKX and OKT Chain’s unwavering dedication to building developers’ community

Our recent OKX Hackathon with Google Cloud was a testament to OKTC’s commitment to building developer communities and promoting blockchain education. The event saw over 200 attendees forming 46 teams and submitting 32 projects that showcased the potential of decentralized, blockchain-based applications to transform various industries.

By sponsoring the Web3athon, we can further our vision and continue to contribute to the developer community, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to bring their ideas to life and drive innovation in the blockchain space.

Web3athon is just the start, and we will be rolling out more plans for more developer-focused events that showcase the growing ecosystem of blockchain-based applications in the future.

Workshops by OKT Chain

As part of OKTC’s commitment to supporting developers and providing them with necessary tools and resources, we have recently integrated the Wasm Virtual Machine (WasmVM) and are one of the first single public networks that launched an internal bridge to connect EVM and WASM in a single public chain.

This integration allows projects running on Wasm to easily migrate from other chains to OKTC, as well as make it more accessible to Web2 developers who are familiar with Wasm-supported languages to kickstart building on OKTC.

OKT Chain will also host a few workshops to dive deeper into the chain’s cutting-edge Wasm and EVM interoperability capabilities and explore the wider OKTC Ecosystem.

OKTC’s Offline Workshop

  • 28 April, 12 PM, Consensus 2023 : OKT Chain’s Multi-VM Interoperability Workshop

OKTC’s Online Workshops

  • May 11, 10 pm-11 pm GMT+8 :Multi-VM Vision [Developer’s Tutorial]
  • May 16, 9 pm-10 pm GMT+8: Introducing OKTC Ecosystem

With over 400 projects already deployed on OKTC, almost 140 million transactions, and over 100 million addresses, OKTC is primed for greater growth and success.

The Web3athon event is part of our efforts to provide more opportunities for developers to showcase their work and build a stronger community. Through this hackathon and more future developer-focused events, we hope to create a stronger community where developers can learn from each other, collaborate, and innovate, all while utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of OKTC.

We are excited to be joining top-tier partners like CoinDesk, Hackerearth, and other global leading chains to power the Web3 innovation. This event will be an incredible opportunity for developers to learn, create, and showcase their work, and we are honored to be a part of it.

We look forward to seeing you in Austin, Texas!

Register for Web3athon here.

About OKT Chain

OKTC (previously known as OKC/OKX Chain) is an EVM- and Wasm-compatible L1 built on Cosmos, focusing on true interoperability and maximized performance. At high scalability, developers can build and scale with low gas fees. The OKTC ecosystem and infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface, enable a seamless experience for developers and users.

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OKT Chain
OKT Chain

OKT Chain is an EVM and Wasm compatible L1 built on Cosmos with a focus on true interoperability and maximized performance.