OKPulse now extends to a fully automated 12 month virtual employee wellness program

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With OKPulse now having multiple employers choosing it as their digital wellness portal for their employees; we have continued to co-design with our users and work towards improving our product. Up to now, we have only supported 3 different “employee wellness data types & insights” and today we are pleased to announce that we support 10 new “employee wellness data types & insights templates”. As an Employer, this significantly increases the health and wellness insights you gain on your employees’ — allowing you to detect many more early warning signs.

Also; Up-to now our program only supported a “3 month data collection wellness cycle (the period for which we collect employee insights and surface risks)” — we have now extended this to a 12 month cycle to allow for a more accurate benchmark or your employee wellness.

Once an employee joins the program…

  • By default, All data collection is anonymous and optional and protects the employee from direct identification. The employer only sees insights on a team or department level.
  • The Employer can incentivise the employee to share their identity (through a rewards program) and the employee can then “opt-in” to sharing their identify
  • The 12 month data collection program insights provides an employer early detection of the Signals described above (stress, anxiety, work/life balance etc)
  • All employees have access to their employee portal and can see how their wellness tracks over time
  • Employers can curate education based on the signal insights and employee gets rewarded to complete the education (e.g. if stress levels are low across the teams, the employer can curate more education related to stress management)
  • Employers can enable the gift card rewards feature, where the more the employee engages with the program — they more reward points they earn and can cash out to gift cards (Coles, jb-hi — gift card options is fully configurable)
  • High employee engagement leads to better insights and more actionable opportunities for your HR teams to improve health and wellness across your organisation
  • Once the 12 months program completes — it recommences and gives the employer the ability to benchmark and see if their health and wellness initiatives are working

OKPulse supports the following employee wellness data types & insights

  • Weekly Status Check-in
  • Benchmark Check-in
  • The Godin-Shephard leisure-time Physical Activity Score
  • Cardiovascular Risk Diet Score
  • Employee Burnout Risk
  • Emotional Wellbeing Check-In
  • Environmental Wellbeing Check-In
  • Intellectual Wellbeing Check-In
  • Occupational Wellbeing Check-In
  • Physical Wellbeing Check-In
  • Social Wellbeing Check-In
  • Employee Spiritual Wellbeing Check-In

OKPulse is completely free to use — sign up today at https://itheum.com/okpulse

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