5 Facebook Ad Copies That Will Convert

You may attempt to replicate these ads

Hello, friends, families, lovers of bears!

Thanks to the awesome response from you guys, I decided to sit down with marketer Rockson Chan and run through all the ways to improve your ad copy. Rockson has worked in marketing consulting, startups and taught Digital Marketing at General Assembly. So yeah. He knows his shit.

Brief Intro

I’m Steve, a university student from UNSW Sydney. With my team, I’m building software which allows marketers to map and execute customer advertising journeys across social media networks through simple drag-and-drop (free Beta, check it out here)

I am also creating a Facebook group for anyone interested in eCommerce and Facebook marketing. Join here.

Previously I’ve written about the top 6 Facebook Ads that suck. Read that before reading the below article.

# 1 The O’Reilly Factor

#2 The Guy Who Loved To Capitalise

#3 Broken Link Saga

#4 Udemy — even large companies can fail

#5 Fix yo URLs

…aaaand that’s it!

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P.S. Here is a link to Top 3 Tips from Advertising Agencies (Facebook)

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