The Trending 2018 Trends

Top 20 Overlapping Cultural Trends From 13 Reports

When the air gets brisk, the stockings get hung, and the OOO notices get shared, it all means one thing: Trend Reports are coming.

Today, companies attempt to promote their foresight accuracy and cultural savviness by producing a list of trends for marketers and brands to leverage in the new year. In the highest form of irony, the Trend Report has become the new trend.

With so many to read and not enough enough time, I’ve curated the 13 most talked about reports, and after analyzing +300 trends from Forrester, Foresight Factory, JWT, Sparks & Honey, Ogilvy, Fjord, Landor, Facebook IQ, TrendHunter, Contagious, Deloitte, Edelman, and Mindshare I’ve noted the top 20 prevalent, overlapping trends throughout. Below, you will find the most recurrent themes, personal descriptions, and how each organization named their trend.

So what is it that we can all agree we’ll see in 2018?

1. Clarity Now 🔎

Society will promote its desire for transparency, validity and absolute truth

In Transparency We Trust — Fjord
Transparency in Action — Landor
Transparency Trailblazers — Contagious
Blockchain Inches Forward — Forrester
Blockchain Changes the Rules — Landor
Blockchain to Blockchains — Deloitte
Mechanized Truth — Foresight Factory
Civic Marketing — JWT
Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility — Landor

2. Mindfullness in Vogue 🙏🏻

Meditation and play will be leveraged frequently to overcome chaos and anxiety

Armour Therapy — Sparks & Honey
Destruction Therapy — JWT
Therapeutic VR — JWT
Adult Play — JWT
Mindful Play — Landor
Peaceful Play — TrendHunter
Industry of Calm — Facebook IQ
Stress-Free Tech — TrendHunter

3. Widespread Inclusivity 🌎

Race, religion, capability, and size will all be invited to have a seat at the table

Intersectionality — JWT
Empowered Intersectionality — TrendHunter
Adaptive Communities — Sparks & Honey
Assistive Tech — JWT
Plus-Sized Luxury — JWT
67% Movement — Sparks & Honey
One-Size Fits None — TrendHunter

4. Mainstream AR 📱

AR will progressively find its way in both novel and functional practice

AR Gets Real — Ogilvy
AR Reaches Mass — JWT
Everyday AR — Facebook IQ
Augmented Reality — Edelman
Augmented Experiences — Landor
Augmented Package — TrendHunter
Policing Mixed Reality — Sparks & Honey

6. Underlying Algorithms ⚙️

Data and algorithms will silently guide decision making for both better and worse

Algorithms at Work — Landor
The Algorithm Wars — Forrester
Slave to Algorithm — Fjord
Ambient Prediction — Sparks & Honey
Automatic for the People — Mindshare
Dynamic Data — Contagious

7. Cyborg Penetration 🔬

Technology will find itself closer to flesh and brain, blending man and machine

Under the Skin Tech — Sparks & Honey
Second-Skin Wearable — TrendsHunter
Smart Contact Lenses — JWT
Creativity Meets AI — JWT
A Machine’s Search for Meaning — Fjord
No-Collar Workforce — Deloitte

8. The Cannabis Norm 🌿

With legalization, marijuana will shed its taboo status, becoming more welcomed

Ganjanomics — JWT
Cannabis Community — TrendHunter
Cannabis Occasions — Sparks & Honey
Cannabis Fine Dining — JWT
Shapeshifting Stimulants — Sparks & Honey

9. Human-Like Computers 🤖

Technological capability will eagerly emulate human ability at an impressive pace

Computers Have Eyes — Fjord
Internet of Eyes — JWT
Internet of Ears — JWT
The End of Typing — Ogilvy
The Empowered Machine — Forrester

10. Crumbling Big Tech 🔌

Masses will consistently witness faults in digital institutions and infrastructures

Big Tech Backlash — JWT
Seriously Serious — Ogilvy
Content Certainty — TrendHunter
Truth Labs — Sparks & Honey
Security for Profit — Forrester

11. Food Flashes 🍭

Culinary works will take on fresh, alluring aesthetics satisfying the eyes as well

High-Brow Confection — TrendHunter
Format Over Flavor — TrendHunter
Algorithmic Food Design — JWT
Picture-Perfect Food — Facebook IQ
Cosplate — Sparks & Honey

12. Amazon, The Behemoth 💸

Amazon will continue to flourish, swelling in both power and presence

Amazonification — Contagious
Amazon Awakening — Ogilvy
Amazon Everything — JWT
Amazon as Advertising Powerhouse — JWT
Triumph in the age of Amazon — Edelman

13. Retail Maturation 🛍️

With online shopping, brick-and-mortar spaces will evolve in their purpose

Retail Experience Harmonization — Forrester
Retail Reinvention — Sparks & Honey
Retail Residences — JWT

14. Participatory Entertainment 📺

Media will invite cooperation with unique, tailored experiences for viewers

Interactive Storytelling — JWT
Real-Time Authorship — Sparks & Honey
Collaborative Narrative — TrendHunter

15. Redefined Masculinity 👔

What it means to be “manly” will be refuted with reconsidered traits and styles

Modern Masculinity— Contagious
Detoxing Masculinity — Sparks & Honey
New Wave Men’s Grooming — JWT

16. Hello, China 🇨🇳

Globalization will push China and its once foreign norms closer toward the US

West, Meet East — Facebook IQ
China’s Cultural Export — Sparks & Honey
Chinese Tech Goes Global — JWT

17. Craving Detox 🍎

Clean, healthy living will be elected over more already established toxic choices

Clean Chic — Sparks & Honey
Trendy Teetotalism — JWT
Wellness Cocktail — TrendHunter

18. Packaging Reduex 📦

What houses our products will be re-inventive with modern, noteworthy benefit

Next-Gen Packaging — Sparks & Honey
Packaging That Thinks for Itself — Landor
The Anti-Pack — Landor

19. Gender 2.0💄

The idea of boy vs. girl will be questioned as characteristics shift and blur

Agender — Sparks & Honey
Wo/men’s Wear — Facebook IQ

20. Longing for Nostalgia ⏳

Throwbacks and reboots will emerge faster, blending the present with past

Near Nostalgia — Sparks & Honey
Upleveled Nostalgia — TrendHunter

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Matt Klein is a Strategist, skeptically studying the profound effects of the internet on mind, behavior, culture and business while working alongside brands. Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and everywhere online as KleinKleinKlein.