Denial of Complexity

Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution

Peter Fritz Walter
Dec 6, 2015 · 9 min read

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The Etiology of Fascism
Complexity and Simplicity
Complexity and Consciousness
Complexity and Child Abuse
The Denial of Erotic Complexity
The Denial of Children’s Erotic Complexity

The Etiology of Fascism

A typical characteristic in the destruction of the natural order, present in all fascist and totalitarian regimes, is a denial of complexity. This means in practice that natural complexity is replaced by overly simplistic reasoning for explaining facts of life, or certain sociopolitical realities. As Jacob Burckhardt, the well-known Swiss historian, once put it:
—The essence of tyranny is the denial of complexity.

Complexity and Simplicity

Complexity is a major characteristics of all living systems. In all flow patterns, complexity and simplicity are complementary opposites. This is so not only in natural phenomena, but also in ontology and in human psychology.

This duality that is inherent in human psychology has very well been recognized by the ancient Mesoamerican natives. As Mary Miller and Karl Taube write in An Illustrated Dictionary of The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya (1993), under the header of ‘duality,’ one of the basic structural principles of Mesoamerican religious thought is the use of paired oppositions. They write:

In these pairings, there is a recognition of the essential interdependence of opposites. This complementary opposition is most clearly represented in the sexual pairing of male and female. To the Aztecs, the supreme creative principle was Ometeotl, the god of duality. In this single self-generating being, the male and female principles were joined. The omnipotent god could also be referred to by its male and female aspects, Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl. Similarly, the Mixtecs and other Mesoamerican cultures considered creation to be the work of a sexually paired couple. Aside from the male and female principles, common oppositional pairings include life and death, sky and earth, zenith and nadir, day and night, sun and moon, fire and water. It can readily be seen that such series of pairings could be easily linked into a larger group of oppositions. Thus, for example, one side could entail male, life, sky, zenith, day, sun, and fire, whereas the other side would be female, death, earth, nadir, night, moon, and water. Such larger structural oppositions are evident in both contact period and contemporary Mesoamerican religious systems. (Id., 81)

Complexity and Consciousness

Further, it is important to realize that there is an intricate relationship between consciousness and complexity. Villoldo and Krippner note in their captivating study Healing States (1987):

The term consciousness is used to refer to a person’s overall pattern of perception, thinking, and feeling. Some specific patterns, or states of consciousness appear to be especially conducive for self-healing or to the healing of others. These healing states require scrutiny whether they involve mediumship, shamanic phenomena, or any other experience that is of potential value. (Id., 21)

Structure and content that I assign to consciousness basically consists of three major elements:

  • Perception
  • Information Processing
  • Energy

The most important part of my scientific assessment of consciousness is that it contains the zero-point field or quantum vacuum, so that the human energy field is a constituent part of it, next to perception and information processing. In Western scientific history, the fact that consciousness is a total information field has been blinded out from scrutiny and occulted, to a point that in Western cultures, there is a huge knowledge gap about the cosmic energy field as a result of this cultural prohibition of the ‘tree of knowledge.’ Consequently, my consciousness research is focused upon bringing in the missing links again so as to arrive at a unified field of integrative perception and thus a coherent model of consciousness.

It is evident that the most important part of consciousness is not perception or information processing, but the cosmic energy field. Hence, complexity is a function of the energy flow; when energy flows freely, complexity tends to be high, while it’s reduced when energy is blocked or obstructed.

As a matter of evolution, life and particularly human life tends to increase in complexity over time. However, historically and socially, every time when shifts of consciousness occur that bring about an increase in complexity, a counter-reaction sets in that typically, and propagandistically, denies complexity and begins to threaten, persecute and socially discard individuals, and especially scientists who research in areas of human complexity that are not yet fully understood and that are therefore surrounded with taboo, confusion and fear.

Social historians such as Jacob Burckhardt, and psychologists have found the deeper reasons of fascism in a deep-rooted fear of change, and an almost paranoid fright in facing complexity, and especially erotic complexity.

Complexity and Child Abuse

We find in child abuse generally a denial of complexity, as the child for the abuser is an object for self-gratification and in addition a provider of emotional security, and thus a thing to manipulate; behind protection is often hidden a deep longing for domination and manipulation.

When the child is seen as a complex being, where the difference to adulthood is merely one of learning certain skills, and when the child is recognized as being a complete human emotionally and sexually, child abuse will decrease! And logically so, the contrary is true as well: where a society denies the child this complexity by declaring it a ‘nonsexual’ creature, or a being that has no sensual longings of its own and a brute body that can be ruthlessly beaten upon without ‘really feeling the pain,’ then you automatically raise the incidence of emotional, physical and sexual child abuse.

The latter paradigm is the one today practiced by international consumer culture that vehemently, through all its media, its governments and its NGOs requires to protect children from abuse. However, what this culture does is exactly the contrary in that all their policies for child protection do only one thing for sure: they raise child abuse, by raising the probability for child abuse to happen, because they need child abuse to happen. Their protector industries are businesses and run as businesses, and they have to have a cause tomorrow, otherwise they will run out of funding. Thus more child abuse tomorrow ensures them to be successful, and not less child abuse tomorrow. This is why I came to call this culture an abuse-centered culture.

The Denial of Erotic Complexity

Under erotic complexity, I treat under one unifying header three different forms of complexity: affectionate, emotional and sexual complexity. As the conclusions regarding their complexity patterns is pretty much alike, I unify the three paragraphs into one.

Let me first of all clarify what affections are. I treat in my writings affections and emotions in a synonymous way while I am conscious that in psychology there is a trend to distinguish between affection and emotion.

Sexuality, for the vulgar and ignorant masses, is an animal-like behavior they do like automatons while never talking about it. By contrast, for the spiritually awakened and conscious individual, sexuality is the highest form of religion, of true union with god, the god in us and the god in our loving partner. Thus, sexual copulation is a fusion of god with goddess, and can bring about, when used correctly, the highest form of enlightenment for both partners.

In the ancient Indian tradition of sexual Tantra, this wisdom has been orally transmitted from generation to generation but is today dried out as Vedanta that is a perversion of the original Tantra religion of India in that it denies the sexual nature of religion, replacing it by an exaggerated and hypocrite moralism that is based on so-called devotion or Bhakti, which is but an artificial and powerless surrogate for the original sexual copulation with the god or goddess as it is still part of native religions such as Huna.

But Tantra is misunderstood in the West. It has originally nothing to do with sexuality in the vulgar sense of the world, nor has it in any way a connotation with immorality, in the sense of licentious or even criminal behavior. In the contrary, it is a school of virtue and teaches the right usage of sexuality as a god-given and god-driven force that unites us with ourselves, others and the cosmos, and ultimately with the creator force.

In this sense, tantric sexuality is holy, religious, and sacred!

What happens namely through the tearing down of the sacred sexual force into vulgarity, shame and moral corruption is that the resulting ‘sex’ is used for debauchery, for corrupting others, for example children, for corrupting a whole community of people when used for entertainment, pornographic parties and group sex orgies that are devoid of any link to the soul, and therefore contrary to religion.

This is how sexuality as such became corrupted in the process of the destruction of the natural order. The patriarchal mindset, religions and lifestyle is the main culprit here, and has ultimately raped and ravished the Goddess. This is the collective guilt and shame accumulated by dominator culture that today has become a ‘fuck culture’ sharing in the group-fantasy of orgiastic swines who engage in swinish behavior when ‘doing sex.’

Pigs who think and stink of pigs, that’s what our society is, when it addresses the most holy behavior of all human behavior, the sexual function, copulation, unity.

However, as our current dominator societies, since about the beginning of patriarchy five thousand years ago, are ruled by ignorant and vulgar politicians, the masses, instead of being enlightened by sexual union, are more and more perverted into a shame-based identity mainly produced by sexual guilt, and their souls are stolen by organized political manipulation into truly devilish behavior, repressing the best in them, their true talents and gifts, together with their holy sexual drive that they shun and curse like a venom in their mind and blood.

All major dominator religions have perverted the very root of man, the original innocence of humans, and have by so doing dried out the fertile source of growth which after all is sexuality and sexual strength, together with emotional integrity and spontaneously virtuous behavior toward others. They have contributed to the emotional starving of modern man and prepared the ground for rampant sexual impotence, emotional and sexual frigidity and true debility of the consumerist masses worldwide; they have prepared the soil for the most horrible form of cancer there is, emotional cancer. The most popular form of this cancer, that Wilhelm Reich called the emotional plague is our modern child protection paradigm.

The truth about our sexual origins and emonic integrity is veiled under such mountains of crap and lies that it is almost impossible to communicate this truth today to any living human, except highly developed sages, on one hand, and witches and sorcerers, on the other — who are after all equally highly developed beings, only that they for the most part work on the dark side of creation.

The Denial of Children’s Erotic Complexity

Children in today’s international consumer culture are emotionally manipulated and their souls abducted from their most tender age, and this in the name of ‘good’ education, morality and so-called child protection, and of course always ‘for the best of the child.’ While it’s in truth for the best of nobody, as it brings only perversion, domestic, collective and structural violence, shame, dishonesty and rampant individual and collective schizophrenia.

Originally perennial science was not separate from religion which is the reason why strong and redundant native religions such as Huna are truly scientific. They have understood and taught the innate complexity of emotions and sexuality, and generally of all relationships between living beings. This is why they have never discarded out from their scientific worldview extrasensorial perception, telepathy, prophecy, precognitive dreams and spiritual healing.

Modern Western science developed a highly dysfunctional sub-science under its general header of psychology that calls itself arrogantly sexology but which is a mechanistic robot science that considers the human being as a sexual automaton, discarding out the emotional dimension in sexual attraction. But even this reductionist and highly Cartesian science eventually could not hide the truth that human sexual behavior is immensely complex and unpredictable for the most part.

So when you see the larger picture here, a true emosexuality, a sexuality that is correctly linked and backed up by integral, correctly vented and functional emotions, then you will get a hint of how complex the human being is, and how stupid and reductionist most of today’s psychologists, social policy makers and politicians are.

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.

Peter Fritz Walter

Written by

Human Potential Media Producer, Philosopher, Political Analyst | | Twitter @pierrefwalter

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.

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