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The Oedipal Mold and Oedipal Culture

Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution

Peter Fritz Walter
Dec 6, 2015 · 25 min read

Page Contents

The Oedipal Mold
—What means Oedipus Complex?
—Is the Oedipus Complex Universal?
—Criticism of the Theory
Oedipal Culture
—Are Masturbating Children Better Citizens?
—The Dogma of the Auto-Erotic Consumer Child
—Intellect Boosting for Sexually Demanding Children
—Qualifying Oedipal Castration as Child Abuse?
—Rationality vs. Oedipal Mysticism
—Oedipal Hero

The Oedipal Mold

What means Oedipus Complex?

Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), an Austrian neurologist and co-founder of the psychoanalytic school of psychology believed that psychosexual growth comes about through three stages, the so-called oral phase (0–2 years), anal phase (2–4 years) and genital phase (4 to 7 years, followed by the latency period (7–11 years) and adolescence (11–16 years) and that the child invariably passes through these stages.

Is the Oedipus Complex Universal?

I think a number of intelligent and childloving people find it makes sense when Freud affirmed the basic sexual nature of the child and infantile sexuality. But my question is if this understanding really implies that they see and acknowledge Western culture’s fundamental denial of the child’s affective, emotional and sexual complexity? As a parent, to allow one’s child to be sexual in a culture that is outspokenly against that kind of freedom really is a challenge; that is why only when parents get the whole picture, they can do what needs to be done. If parents are wishy-washy on this question, and half-hearted, it makes it probably only worse.

  • by transforming mainstream culture and granting children their own domain of intimacy, outside of the parent’s embrace and control, allowing the child to live their affective, emotional and sexual complexity in freedom, thus helping the child to build true autonomy and self-reliance.

Criticism of the Theory

The Freudian scheme is only if ever valid for cultures where child-child erotic relations are forbidden and structurally impaired, that is, for patriarchal culture and postmodern international consumer culture as the successor, in a new garment, of the patriarchal rut;

Oedipal Culture


My critique of Oedipal Culture is inextricably woven with my criticism of Sigmund Freud’s cultural concept of psychoanalysis, and here especially my critique of his theory of the Oedipus Complex.

Are Masturbating Children Better Citizens?

Françoise Dolto, the late French child therapist and psychoanalyst is very outspoken about the benefits of masturbation but we are not set in the world to masturbate, but to copulate and lovingly embrace others. We are not set in the world to engage in endless autoerotic self-satisfaction, but to use our natural erotic desire for building relationships. In this sense, sexuality is social, a social factor, and social behavior. Hence, people who are sexual are more social than those who repress their sexual wishes.

The Dogma of the Autoerotic Consumer Child

It goes without saying that for those who are against all expressions of children’s eroticism, Dolto’s ideas about child masturbation will probably sound somewhat progressive or permissive. But from the background of the larger picture that I am trying to paint here, masturbation, while it’s good of course and while many people, big or small, need it just for getting rid of their surplus bioenergetic charge, is not the real thing what the child needs and asks for.

Intellect Boosting for Sexually Demanding Children

That means a child who is longing for stronger sexual fulfillment than that of masturbation has to receive an intellect boost. That is really giving a child a pear who asks for an apple. What a child naturally wants is to be initiated into loving copulation, because in masturbation, as all my research on the human energy field clearly shows, the vital energy level is well brought to a new balance through orgasm, but that is not all there is in sexual love. What is perhaps even more essential than the sexual abreaction is the tactile experience of two nude bodies being close in excitation for a while, which namely results in a high-level exchange of bioelectricity and emotional flow which is like feeding our internal batteries, strengthening our immune system and working counter to the aging process.

Qualifying Oedipal Castration as Child Abuse?

My criticism of Dolto’s approach to child sexuality, as I was on good terms with her and exchanged with her for a while, may sound strange and exaggerated, but it is not in any way directed against her personally. I am speaking here about the perversity of the whole of psychoanalysis, the whole theater and comedy it represents, the grotesque family scenarios it plans and puts on stage, and the whole abstruse worldview it embodies.

Rationality vs. Oedipal Mysticism

The judgmental attitude of psychoanalysis is not surprising; it rather shows how devastating the Oedipal construct is at the end of the day, together with all the cultural weed that has grown around it. This insight, that is shared by most psychoanalysts and psychiatrists is not the real bomb; the real bomb is the fact that our society tolerates psychiatric nonsense that perverts our children into potential violent perpetrators, using a construct for the psychosexual growth of our children that is anti-life, dysfunctional, dangerous and unnatural.

Oedipal Hero

Oedipal Hero is a term I have forged for an individual, usually of male sex, who suffers from a specific pathology that comes from a combination of an unresolved Oedipus Complex and a narcissistic fixation. In my view, modern psychiatry has just begun to identify this problem, and my approach to scientifically and psychologically outline this pathology is therefore to be seen as a pioneering work.

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.

Peter Fritz Walter

Written by

Human Potential Media Producer, Philosopher, Political Analyst | | Twitter @pierrefwalter

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, and Evolution

Integral Health. Alternative Medicine. Holistic Science. The Energy Nature of Human Sexuality. Psychic Research. Quantum Physics. Nonlocality. Quantum Entanglement.

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