ONBUFF Monthly Development Update: January

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5 min readFeb 6, 2024


Hello, BUFFers!
Welcome to the first ONBUFF Monthly Development Note of 2024! As we enter the new year, January was a month of meticulous preparation. We focused on planning and laying the groundwork for a more innovative and authentic Web 3 experience in 2024. The anticipation for what this year holds is truly captivating, and we are poised to embark on another round of innovation. Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead!

📓Dev Note: INNO Platform

- Reorganization

Add Google Analytics
Modify web publishing mobile css
Bug fix: My Page/Purchase status value is incorrectly applied after NFT purchase

- Marketing

2023 Retrospective Announcement
Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Pet Sale Announcement
Create a banner for the 13th Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT pet sale announcement

📒Dev Note: INNO PICK

- INNO Casual: On-Chain Game

Select a game title
Level Design Planning — Stage Section Tiers and Items
Create a feature definition
Create Service Flow and Detail Screen Definitions
Build code based on REST API calls
Set up INNO onboarding and communication protocols
Build On-Chain Game WebGL and save binaries
Build a dummy UI screen
Build the Start Screen
Build In-Game UI
Build In-Game Detailed Game Objects
Build Logo Scene, Loading function
Apply Modern UI Pack modules and improve the design UI
Create Web Client Test Communication Features
Create Web Server API Test Integration
Set up on-chain game project development environment
Create NFT Contracts
Create a server development feature definition
Build a system diagram
Create an on-chain contract integration API
Create additional APIs for wallet services
Create game server authentication features
Create protocols and APIs
Initial design of the on-chain game server
Integrate sui wallet
Set up react-unity-webgl
Create block-graded image resources
Create Game Over Screen UI Resources
Create Start Screen UI Resources
Create a popup window
Work on full design mockups
Create Game Object Resources
Create in-game UI resources
Create Game Sound — Logo SFX
Create Game Sound — BGM
Create Game Sound — SFX

- Quest Page

Create an quests system master plan
Build an quests system proposal
Build a list of quests
Physical Design — Create a Table Generation Script
Logical Design — Table Normalization
Conceptual Design — Requirement Analysis
Create an INNO-leaderboard project
Devops Deployment Setup-DEVSTAGE-LEADERBOARD
Devops Deployment Settings- LIVE-LEADERBOARD
Development Preparation — Learn GO
Development Readiness — Identify INNO-Status sources
Design a template for building a quest system

- Poring Merge

Create a Marketing Plan
Change STAGE environment NFT DB data

- Samurai Shodown

Official Website 3rd Feedback

Updated Events in January

ONBUFF 2023: Milestone

In 2023, ONBUFF achieved significant milestones, including the listing of ONIT on Bithumb in Korea, forging partnerships with esteemed entities such as SNK and Mysten Labs, and the successful release of the highly anticipated Little Legions NFT. We’ve accomplished many endeavors that have contributed to our growth and innovation. If you’re eager to delve deeper into these achievements, click the links below for more detailed insights. Your curiosity is our invitation to share the exciting journey of ONBUFF in 2023.

For more details, here are the links:
ONBUFF 2023 Report (ENG)
ONBUFF 2023 Report (KOR)
Medium post
Naver post

ONBUFF Wallet Guide: Sui and MetaMask

To alleviate any confusion among our BUFFers regarding the creation of Sui and MetaMask wallets, we have prepared a straightforward guide for you. If you encounter any challenges in setting up your external wallets, worry not—simply follow the guidelines provided below. We aim to make the process as seamless as possible for you, ensuring a smooth experience in managing your wallets.
Sui Wallet Guide
MetaMask Wallet Guide

🕹️Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

  • Regular Maintenance and Bug Reports
  • New NFT Pet Sale

Welcome to the arrival of 2024’s first pets!

  • Gentle Lunatic
  • Happiness Cookie Doll
  • Wisdom Cookie Doll
  • Happy Lollipop
  • Brave Stick Candy

Discover the joy of claiming these adorable companions as your own! Don’t let the opportunity slip away—they're eagerly awaiting your embrace. Even if you miss the initial chance, fear not; acquiring these delightful pets is possible through personal NFT trading. Explore the endless possibilities and enrich your collection with these charming creatures today!

🕹️Little Legions NFT

  • Regular Maintenance and Bug Reports


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