Ontology dApp Incentive Models: Receive a 60% ONG rebate from your dApp!

In December we shared four new incentive models for developers of dApps on Ontology and opened applications ahead of April 1st this year when the dApp incentive models go live.

We would now like to announce that during the first three months (April 1st to June 30th) we will be giving an early bird offer of 60% dApp transaction fee rebate to developers. A summary of the incentive models is below:

Model A

50% dApp transaction fee rebate (60% for the first three months)

Model B

Rewards for the most active dApps

Model C

Loans for dApps

Model D

Technical and marketing support for dApps

Please visit this page for full details of each of the incentive models and how to apply.

If you are interested in, have questions about, or would like to give feedback regarding the incentive models, please get in touch with us however you would like: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, or email us at contact@ont.io. We are happy to hear from you!

The Ontology Team