Ontology Tokyo Meetup Recap

Ontology held its first meetup in Japan in Tokyo on June 30th.

Mathias Glintborg, Global Development Manager of Ontology, gave a speech on Ontology’s architecture and how Ontology’s MainNet “Ontology 1.0” looks.

Guest speakers also included Lesie Wu, Advisor of DAD (Decentralized Advertising), who talked about how DAD aims to bring greater fairness to the $500 billion advertising industry, and Arco Oliemans, Business Development Manager of O3, who talked about how O3 are making digital assets easier to manage and use. O3 recently announced support for the Ontology MainNet token swap, as well as an ONG claim feature within their wallet.

To our surprise over 70 people joined the meetup, including media representatives from CoinOtaku.

The Japanese community also coined the 👌 gesture for Ontology (see the first photo)!

Also while in Tokyo, Mathias Glintborg gave a speech at Block Co+ 2018 to an audience of local investors, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the meetup, we’re very grateful for the success it was and hope to be back very soon!

If you’re a Japanese speaker, please join our community-run Japanese language Telegram group.

You can watch Ontology’s presentation here (English with Japanese interpretation).

Arigatou gozaimasu,

The Ontology Team