Ontology’s Official app ONTO is Live!

After several months of intense product design and development, Ontology’s official app ONTO is finally here! The first version available to the public is 0.8.4 (for Android 6.0 and above). An iOS version will be released when ONTO’s iOS App Store listing is ready. There will also be a desktop wallet application, which is scheduled for August.

We will keep the community up to date with developments. Thank you everyone for your support and patience.

You can download ONTO here: https://onto.app/.



ONTO is a decentralized client product and an access to the Ontology trust search engine and blockchain system. ONTO offers functions to users such as digital identity management, digital assets management, distributed data exchange, and so on.

ONTO maps your digital identity and real-life identity. Users can use this product to build their own digital identity and multi-factor personal portrait, and use cryptographic algorithms to protect their privacy. ONTO can manage digital assets in a safe and reliable way and apply it to your life. At the same time, it will build a reliable and controllable data transaction system for users through an authorization system and encryption algorithm.

In the future, we will support more social scenarios and collaboration opportunities using ONTO’s digital identity and digital assets management.

II. ONTO Security Audit Report

ONTO has passed a strict security audit by SlowMist, a professional blockchain ecosystem safety and security team. ONTO’s security level was rated “A”. Below is the audit report summary for ONTO.

ONTO Main Functions

ONTO Main Functions Demo

ONT ID verifiable claim authentication and authorization, wallet transactions and ONG claim, one-stop token swap

ONT ID verifiable claim authentication and authorization

After completing ONT ID registration, you can use ONT ID for identity authentication services for various trust sources by obtaining necessary verifiable claims (blockchain certificates). Blockchain certificates will be used in other authentication and authorization scenarios to achieve one-time blockchain authentication which can be used multiple times in multiple scenarios.

We use a CFCA blockchain certificate as an example:

Wallet transactions and ONG claim

The current wallet supports transactions of MainNet ONT and ONG transactions. It also supports claiming ONG, which is released gradually from ONT.

Transactions and withdrawal require the wallet password for confirmation.

One-stop token swap

In ONTO, MainNet ONT mapping does not require a mapping address; you only need to enter the mapping amount wallet password. You can check your mapping progress in ONTO directly.

For further information on the token swap, please check this article.


Ontology’s official app, ONTO, aims to promote the development of the blockchain industry. We will continue to upgrade ONTO’s product technology according to users’ feedback, to provide strong distributed application support for Ontology’s chain network system.

Thank you,

The Ontology Team