OPO.js meetup #5: Speaker Profiles 🗣

Meetup #5 is right around the corner, it’s time you get to know our speakers.

João Fonseca — Software Developer at Uphold Inc.

With the explosion of Blockchain and crypto currency technologies, the timing couldn’t be better for a speaker like João Fonseca.

João has a background in Computer Science, and he’s been developing highly-scalable software over the last few years, from multitouch screen applications, to crypto currency related projects.

As an open-source aficionado and contributor, he co-founded Google Developers Group Braga which, much like OPO.js, is a community for developers to share knowledge and learn about new technologies.

You can expect an interesting and current talk from João and, with his twisted sense of humour, it should be very entertaining as well.

We look forward to seeing what João will be sharing with the community next November 30th.

[UPDATE 2018.01.18] Have a look at the meetup wrap up to see what happened.

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