All in and New GroupIds — Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central

Kuassi Mensah
Feb 27 · 2 min read

This is an update to my previous blog on the same topic.

All in

Not just the latest release, all supported releases of the Oracle JDBC drivers including,, and are now available on Maven Central. From now on, Maven Central becomes indeed a distribution center for the Oracle JDBC drivers and companion jars.

New Group Ids

Beyond the JDBC drivers, we want to consolidate all Oracle database artifacts on Maven Central under the same umbrella The artifacts have been dispatched under their specific focus i.e., JDBC, XML, security, high-availability (ha), NLS, observability, SODA (coming soon), AQJMS (coming soon) and so on.

Clearly stated, here is a description of the new group ids of the JDBC drivers and companion jars:

  • for the jdbc jars (all versions combined): ojdbc8.jar, ojdbc10.jar, ojdbc6.jar, ojdbc5,jar, ucp.jar, ojdbc10dms.jar, ojdbc8dms.jar, ojdbc6dms.jar, ojdbcd5dms.jar
    Note: ojdbc8dms.jar and ojdbc10dms.jar contain the instrumentation to support the Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS) and limited support for java.util.logging.
  • for the debug jars (all versions combined): ojdbc10_g.jar, ojdbc8_g.jar, ojdbc5_g.jar, ojdbc6_g.jar, ojdbc10dms_g.jar, ojdbc8dms_g.jar, ojdbc6dms_g.jar, ojdbc5dms_g.jar
  • for the security jars: osdt_core.jar, osdt_cert.jar, oraclepki.jar
  • for ons.jar and simplefan.jar
  • for orai18n.jar
  • for xdb.jar, xdb6.jar, and xmlparserv2.jar
    Note: xdb6.jar is a legacy name, xdb.jar is the new name.
  • for the dms.jar.

We’ve kept in place the artifacts published under the groupid; so not breaking existing scripts.

Dependencies and GAVs

In spite of the re-dispatching, the default dependencies between the artifacts as indicated in the previous blog remain the same. Iow, the following GAV will pull ojdbc10.jar, ucp.jar, oraclepki.jar, osdt_core.jar, osdt_cert.jar, ons.jar, and simplefan.jar from the release

The following GAV will pull orai18n.jar from the release

The following GAV will pull ojdbc8_g.jar, ojdbc8dms.jar, ojdbc8dms_g.jar, and dms.jar from the release


Pulling ojdbc8.jar, its dependencies and companion jars from the release.

Watch this space

As we introduce new capabilities into the drivers and companion jars, we will be announcing these through @kmensah

Kuassi Mensah

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Oracle Groundbreakers

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