2018 in Retrospective: An Exciting Year in TRACstory

We are celebrating the greatest achievements and milestones we had this year, which is slowly coming to the end. 2018 was an amazing year for OriginTrail.

We successfully finished the token generation event (TGE), grew our team, and delivered the mainnet, numerous protocol adoptions, and technology development updates.

Check out OriginTrail’s biggest wins, accompanied by our favorite tweets from this year. Rediscover the wonderful mission we are motivated to pursue every single day.

2018 TRACstory

We came a very long way since last year. Here is a quick overview of our biggest wins so far. Each and every one of them is reason enough to love the OriginTrail project.

In January, we successfully completed the TGE. We dove right back to work and marked January by launching the alpha network and joining the GS1 Slovenia organization.

In February, we unveiled our Hong Kong office and completed a very popular wine project pilot.

In March, we conducted a pilot project with two scientific laboratories, Source Certain International from Australia and Hoan Vu from Vietnam. Our tech team soon took the spotlight. They published nine biweekly releases before we launched the testnet in June and became one of the most productive teams in the blockchain space based on GitHub submits. The tempo was harsh, but the team is strong and they nailed it.

April was very interesting as we interacted with European Parliament Members and European Commissioners on several different occasions. Our tech team got stronger — they kept up a good track record of never missing a deadline — and it was an intense month for B2B events. We presented OriginTrail at 10 events in 7 countries. But we still found time to participate in the Blockchain Incubator for Social Impact by ConsenSys as mentors and judges, because we know that doing so matters.


In May, we signed a very important partnership with EVRYTHNG. The team still kept pushing the testnet code hard and we crowned John G. Keogh, ex-GS1 executive, as the first Trace Alliance Chairman. We also had 13 events in 7 countries, because, why not. :)

In June, we launched the testnet with a much-anticipated revolutionary node management interface tool called Houston. A total of 800 people have participated in our beta program so far. It was a very successful launch. We also announced a new partnership with TMA Solutions and the Vietnam Food Integrity Center. We presented at 10 events around the globe.

July was the month in which we formally announced our technological partnership with GS1 Slovenia and launched the Trace Alliance website featuring the first 32 members, one of which is Deloitte Slovenia.

In August, the Trace Alliance grew significantly. It reached 46 members and we kicked off the first activities. We shared a beta node program report and were featured in Forbes.

In September, we celebrated 50+ Trace Alliance members, published the Open Call to support projects that are developing OriginTrail-protocol enabled solutions, and launched OriginTrail Network Explorer (ONE).

In October, we had the honor of being featured as the only solution provider at the GS1 Europe forum — Blockchain and Traceability section. We also presented at the GS1 global forum in Dublin and were featured in their Blockchain Position Paper next to Frank Yiannas of Walmart.

On the very first day of November, we were excited to share the news that we were are part of an EU-funded SmartAgriHubs project with 108 partners, managed by Wageningen University and Research. We also announced the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet launch during a community event. Ivan On Tech was in attendance.

In December, all the stars aligned perfectly and we announced our Oracle partnership, the Ivan On Tech interview was published, we launched the mainnet on the 7th of December, and further increased awareness of our technology.

Overall, it has been a great year. If someone told us a year ago that we would be here right now, we would barely have believed it. But, we made it, together with awesome partners, advisors, community, friends of the project, and other important stakeholders in the OriginTrail ecosystem. We would not have been where we are without you, so thanks a million for your ongoing support and a shared view that the supply chains of the future should be transparent and interconnected.

To new wins in 2019!

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