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Aaron Bradley, knowledge graph strategist at Electronic Arts (EA) joins OriginTrail’s core team advisory board

Following on from the announcements that Internet pioneer Bob Metcalfe and Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Coinbase, and Square, were joining Trace Labs’ advisory board, the core OriginTrail team is delighted to announce another advisorAaron Bradley, knowledge graph strategist at Electronic Arts (EA). As a knowledge graph expert and an experienced content modeler at EA, Aaron will be advising the Trace Labs’ board of directors on strategies for evangelizing the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph to developer communities within various sectors such as enterprise, media, content creation and others.

At the cusp of permissionless blockchain technologies and knowledge graphs, the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) is making the world’s most important assets discoverable, verifiable and valuable. The DKG will extend OriginTrail’s footprint into the metaverse realm by providing the framework for enabling discoverability, verifiability and further value extension for NFTs through linked data technology. Overall, this framework will unlock immense potential for developers to build on the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

Trace Labs will unveil the framework at the leading annual NFT event in New York at the beginning of November. The expansion of OriginTrail’s core team’s advisory board with world class inventors, investors, thinkers and entrepreneurs will serve as a catalyst for Trace Labs’ growth and development of the essential web3 infrastructure.

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