OriginTrail Community Monthly Report #1: January 2018

After successfully concluding the Token Sale on January 17th, OriginTrail is running full speed ahead passing the first month milestone. Since this is our first monthly report, we are presenting the reporting system for the future, as well as monthly highlights, including but not limited to the OriginTrail roadmap.

OriginTrail is a project embedded with trust and traceability, thus we want to extend this to the community stakeholders as well. We are fully aware that different community members are interested in different messages and reports, that is why we have selected a set of various KPIs that we will follow throughout the project and report them in certain time periods.

The topics we will closely monitor will be:

Protocol development

  1. Trace token status
  2. Business development
  3. HR
  4. Marketing & PR

Through our reports you will be able to see how the project is progressing in different areas and gain relevant insight into project development. All other milestones, news, and announcements will be published in the same manner as today through different blog posts and other communication channels.

Meet 2 Types of Reporting: Monthly and Quarterly

As we want to provide official information about the project on a regular basis, we will be conducting two different reporting schemes.

Community reporting will include information about the achieved milestones, roadmap information, and one-time events. Reporting will be done on a monthly basis in short medium posts, going out by the 7th of every month. All the information published in these reports will be official and will give the community and other stakeholders an insight into how OriginTrail project is evolving.

Contributor reporting will be done on a quarterly basis, with the first report going out in April. It will present a deeper overview of the OriginTrail project. The report will include information about financials, business, Trace token, HR, and marketing & PR.

In addition to the monthly reports, we will be issuing announcements as they occur. Never miss an update, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our Announcement Channel on Telegram.

OriginTrail Community Report (January 2018)

The most important achievement in January 2018 was the successful TGE (token generation event), which we finished on Jan 17th, at 15.18 UTC. This milestone secured the necessary funds to develop what was promised in our whitepaper and roadmap.

OriginTrail team successfully finished all the roadmap activities planned in January and is heading towards the completion of our next scheduled activities, which are aimed towards the Trace Alliance and the acquisition of new partnerships.

Here are the main developments and announcements.

Successful TGE: On Jan 17th OriginTrail successfully finished its Token Sale

  • TRAC tokens were transferred and unlocked on January 24th, 1 week after the end of the token sale.
  • Bounty tokens were transferred — we had a Bug Bounty Program and bounty programs for translations, ambassadors, and community rewards as a part of our Token Sale campaign.

Yimishiji Pilot project: Full completion of the Yimishiji blockchain pilot project and further development.

Take the pilot for a spin and see the code at GitHub.

Community preview: http://yimi-pilot.origintrail.io/

Memberships in organisations

  • GS1 Membership: Jan 30th, OriginTrail became a member of GS1, the leading organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication.
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: OriginTrail became a full member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), which connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, IT vendors and others.
  • Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition by ConsenSys: OriginTrail also became a member of the coalition of projects that address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The coalition is an initiative of ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

Events and meetups

2 meetups were organized by our community members prior to the token sale. COO Ziga Drev presented at both.

  • Hong Kong Meetup gathered more than 200 guests and inspired a lively debate. Kudos to our community member Gerald for organization!
  • Singapore Meetup organized by a fellow Tracer Adriel was attended by more than 70 guests interested in the application of the blockchain technology for global supply chain industry.
  • We sponsored World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco

Exchange listings

  • In January we have been listed on 3 exchanges EtherDelta, IDEX, and Gatecoin.
  • See how TRAC token is doing at CoinMarketCap and Blockfolio.

Growing our product team

The OriginTrail team is growing: We opened 6 positions. Check out our career page and build the future of decentralized supply chains with us.

Thank you for an amazing month, which made our our vision possible. Stay tuned for the next community report, which comes out in March.

Trace on!

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