Token Sale Recap: Retrospective, stats & the future

OriginTrail’s token sale was successfully finished by reaching the project hard cap on the 17th of January 2018 at 15:18 UTC. After the presale round 1, on the 15th of January 2018, we got contributions of $5.3 mm (soft cap), which secured that the vision of the decentralized purpose-build protocol for supply chains will come to life. We continued the token sale after a 24h break on the 17th of January 2017 with all addresses that passed KYC added to whitelist. On this day, two important milestones were met — OriginTrail reached the presale hard cap ($10 mm) and as the crowdsale continued the overall project hard cap ($22.5 mm) as well. The token sale was successfully finished in 18 minutes after opening the presale round 2 at 15:00 UTC. In this blog post, we can share the most vital token sale stats and reveal future plans for OriginTrail.

Presale Group 1 (Priority Pass): Reaching soft cap $5mm

After announcing the final list for Priority Boarding, 373 presale contributors who applied for whitelisting first (criteria: timestamp of application and min. contribution for presale), had 24h hours to participate in the presale. On this day, OriginTrail surpassed the project soft cap which was set at $ 5 mm. No single contributor owns more than 1% of the Trace token supply.

Presale Group 2 & Crowdsale: Reaching presale hard cap $10mm & final hard cap $22.5 mm

After presenting the results of priority boarding to our community on Telegram, we invited all other interested community members that passed the KYC to participate in the presale round 2, which opened on the 17th of January at 15:00 UTC. We had a 24h break between the two rounds of presale to upload the whitelisted ETH addresses in the smart contract. When presale was concluded, the crowdsale followed immediately.

The first mined block was at 15:00:22 UTC. Transactions that had transaction fees from $10–174 went through. The second mined block had the highest transaction fee of $935, but there were also transactions with less than $10 transaction fee. During the third block(around 15:00:40) the presale cap of $10 mm was reached and the crowdsale started immediately.

Transaction costs & Support from all over the world

There were transactions that passed for crowdsale with less than $1 in gas fees. The average fee for a successful transaction was $12. But if we exclude the very high fees of only several contributors, we can see that most of the transactions with a fee over $5 and a good timing went through. At 15:06, there were already enough transactions pending for the hard cap to be reached, but due to low gas/gwei prices, those transactions were mined for the next 10 minutes.

On the graph below, OriginTrail presents the overall distribution of the token sale contribution sizes. Top countries regarding the number of contributors were the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, India, Slovenia, and the USA.

There was almost 32,000 ETH sent to the smart contract (17,928 ETH was the hard cap) in 2110 transactions. 1240 transactions (almost 60%) were successful.

There are 1184 TRAC token holders — the average holder has around 202,000 TRAC (around 16 ETH value at the pegged price).

What’s next for OriginTrail?

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank all the supporters who made our vision of the decentralized data-sharing supply chain protocol possible by contributing to the token sale. We will update you every 14 days on what is new and create a closed community channel for all the token holders. Meanwhile, we are building the Trace alliance with companies who will use the OriginTrail decentralized protocol, establishing an office in Hong Kong and building partnerships, with high added value. View our roadmap for more information.

The token sale is finished and Trace tokens (ticker: TRAC) are now released and transferable. You can expect more announcements soon.

Trace on,

OriginTrail team


  • all the numbers shared in this blog post were calculated according to our pegged ETH: USD ratio 1 ETH = 1,255.00 USD
  • OriginTrail Team will not comment on any exchange plans before they make an official announcement.

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