OriginTrail Monthly Report #11: November 2018

November was a month packed with important announcements and exciting developments for protocol adoption. The two key announcements we made last month concerned our partnership with Wageningen University & Research on the EUR 20 million EU-funded SmartAgriHubs project and the launch of the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet on December 7th.

We hosted a YouTuber with 200,000 followers, Ivan on Tech, in our offices in Europe, announced projects that passed the first screening of the open call, organized and livestreamed a surprise mainnet launch event, and presented OriginTrail in multiple publications and events.

Let’s dive into what the OriginTrail team delivered in November.

Protocol Adoption: Wageningen Partnership and the Open Call

This EUR 20 million digital transformation project for the European agri-food sector started in November. OriginTrail will take part as the only blockchain solution for 108 organizations from 22 different European countries. The project is called SmartAgriHubs and it is being managed by Wageningen University & Research. The project aims to involve 2 million European farms and introduce 80 new digital solutions onto the market. OriginTrail will be a significant technology provider, fostering the adoption of blockchain technology to enhance digital transformation for sustainable farming and food production in an EU-wide network of agricultural DIHs. More information is available in this blog post.

OriginTrail Open Call — 39 Projects Announced

In the last week of November, we stopped accepting applications for the OriginTrail Open Call. Out of the many projects that took part in the application process, only 39 convinced our external committee and team members of their eligibility to be introduced to the OriginTrail community. These projects will now prepare additional materials and try to convince the community members that they should become a part of the ecosystem. You can take a look at the projects here.

In Other Areas

Trace Alliance chairman John G. Keogh prepared another video for his Expert View series. He explained how to get started with the implementation of blockchain technology in supply chains. You can watch the video here.

In November, we also organized the first edition of a new kind of workshop. It includes a practical module that guides businesses in developing a traceability use case with the blockchain. CMO Maja Voje presented the workshop in this LinkedIn blog.

Protocol Development: OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet Goes Live On December 7th

Last month, the development team released a major update to the OriginTrail protocol, moving from v1 to v2, with the latest available version as of today being v2.0.28.

Significant achievements worth mentioning here include updates to the bidding mechanism and data layer, and increased node resilience. Find out more in this blog post published at the mainnet launch announcement, where you can also check out the introduction of the ERC-725 Identity Standard Support.

The OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet will go live on December 7th! You can apply to run a node here.

Communication & Community: Extensive Project Coverage and Community Engagement Campaigns

November was a very successful month for the communication department, as well. Here are the highlights:

  • Like we mentioned above, YouTube content creator Ivan on Tech visited our European offices. A video about his visit is now up on his YouTube channel.
  • We organized a surprise event for the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet launch announcement in Ljubljana. The event was livestreamed and we invited local community members to join us.
  • YouTuber K-Dub, from the Crypto Zombie channel, interviewed co-founders Tomaž Levak and Žiga Drev. They discussed what sets OriginTrail apart from other supply chain solutions. They also talked about the Trace Alliance, OpenCall, and TRAC’s agnostic protocol approach.
  • We had 10 pieces of PR content published in November, including a mention on the KuCoin blog. When it comes to B2B content, OriginTrail was mentioned by the Swiss-based International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in the context of the expansion of Southeast Asian trade and cofounder Tomaž Levak gave an interview for the Refrigerated Frozen Food journal on brand and quality protection in cold chains.
  • Apart from regularly publishing updates on Blockfolio Signal, we were also invited to provide updates for token holders on Delta Direct and CoinGeco Beam.
  • Two videos of recent talks by the CTO Branimir were published. At the DLD Conference in Belgrade, he discussed the untapped potential of the blockchain with Prof. Isabell Welpe (video). At TEDxMokrin, he presented about why the blockchain is the future of digital trust (video).
  • On the last day of November, we launched a Holiday Giveaway as part of which participants can win cool OriginTrail swag and $TRAC tokens.

7 Community and Industry Events in November

OriginTrail’s co-founder Žiga Drev presented at the inaugural China International Import Expo landmark event in Shanghai. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech at the opening ceremony.

Trace Alliance Chairman John G. Keogh presented on the barriers and benefits of the blockchain in the food chain with fellow global experts at the Food Industry Asia’s Future Food event in Singapore. He highlighted the lack of shared understanding of value chain standards.

In cooperation with the BTC Company and GS1 Slovenia, we organized a first of its kind workshop for attendees from different organizations. Attendees worked on determining how to put blockchain technology to use and create tangible value.

Žiga Drev and John G. Keogh joined GMI’s webinar on the blockchain in the foodchain. They were joined by Angela Fernandez from GS1 USA. They presented the why, what, and how of blockchain use cases.

And, of course, we held a surprise event in Ljubljana, where we unexpectedly announced the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet launch.

The OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet will be launched on December 7th, which opens another important chapter in the $TRACstory. The team is working tirelessly to finish Q4 with a bang and we have more good news lined up as we plan to close the year out successfully.

Stay tuned for updates & enjoy the holiday season!

Trace on!

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