Introducing #OSTa2 Projects (Pt. 1)

With the OST KIT⍺ Phase II program in full swing, we want to tell you more about the accepted POC projects. Just as a reminder: We’ve accepted 142 projects out of more than 250 applications. Didn’t make the selection? Not to worry: Sign up to apply for Alpha III >

Meet the first 14 Developer Proofs of Concept teams:


Firmament allows companies to create a rewards economy for its employees. Colleagues can reward their peers for positive actions as an alternative or addition to a centralized bonus system. The FirmamentBot can be linked to communication tools like Slack or Yammer and does not require users to learn new interfaces or tools.
— Germany


Situated between a search engine and a reference website, Put Simply aims to simplify how clear, high-quality content gets found online. Their PoC will trial their plan to use tokens for incentivizing user actions such as adding bounties for content creation and helpful community engagement. The company has been in stealth mode for the past two years.
United States


CoinLive is a “crypto market intelligence platform” that aims to combine data analytics with human-resourced news, analysis and research. The platform will use the OST token for the contributed research and analysis section where they aim to automate the rewarding of analysts using various metrics defined in a smart contract.


This project aims to create a place where people go to for inspiration. The idea is for users to answer a question with a new question, triggering people to “think for themselves”, as the founder put it. Their branded token, dubbed “Inspiration” will be used to incentivize users to pose original, challenging questions to its philosophical community.
— United Kingdom


FlyBy connects airports, airlines and passengers via the FBA token. FlyBy Seat Swap is the first application built on the platform and allows passengers to swap seats on a flight by exchanging FBA. Future plans include: FBA reimbursements to passengers after delayed flights, incentivizing passengers to arrive early at the gate.
United States


In short, DappLabs is a staking-based competition and rewards platform . For example, let’s say you’re good at math, and you enter a competition where you can demonstrate your skills. The competition has a $10 participation fee and a $100 reward for the winner. If you stake $10, and you rank 1st; you win $100 (10x your investment), 2nd place wins you $50. People get paid based on their risk taking ability (stake) + intelligence (rank).



OnePatient’s product is an early-state ‘patient notes system’, catering to young, international doctors who wish to obtain residency in the United States. OnePatient EMS connects them with a team of veteran US Board Certified faculty. The platform allows doctors to sign up, create and submit patient notes, and to be peer-reviewed by their community of doctors.
 — United States


Beach Weather is a website dedicated to covering beaches all over the world. Users will be incentivized for submitting beach reviews and for adding new beaches to the platform. The website informs visitors about beach temperatures, wind & waves, the tides, weather forecasts and nearby accommodations. 


Most people post a review of a restaurant after a bad night: Positive or neutral experiences are often overlooked, and people don’t get incentivized to share them. Plus, how do you make sure a review is genuine? IOLogics wants to let users earn tokens in exchange for posting reviews. Their Branded Tokens can then be redeemed at participating restaurants.
United Kingdom


Incentivizing children to get good grades? Now there’s an idea! Along with tokenization of allowances in their native mobile app, Phase II of TheCoolBytes KidToken project will aim to teach kids basic saving skills, like setting savings goals with bonus rewards earned for growing their token balance.
United States


Tokenizing the nightlife: Branded Tokens will be used to book tables in Belgrade’s nightclubs/restaurants online, which can be redeemed when people actually show up on, e.g. in the form a of a discount or free drink. Reviewers and photographers will also be incentivized to post and share with Belgrade Hangover’s very own Branded Token.
— Serbia


Jetti automates e-commerce payments between store owners and dropshipping vendors. Their POC will be presented as an alternative to Jetti’s current Stripe integration, allowing for payment in Crypto. Their solution currently integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify BigCommerce and Magento. Jetti will take a 1% charge for every transaction.
United Kingdom


A decentralized marketplace for boutique wines, eliminating the need for middlemen. The aim is to create a marketplace sourced by small, independent wineries, with a strong focus on excellent wines and healthy profit margins for the wineries. The first phase revolves around getting wineries to sign up for the DAO marketplace, with live information about applications and Branded Token distribution for all to see. 
United States


JobTrophy is an online job board that will use Branded Tokens to create and promote a more accurate and honest career-oriented community. Trophy Coins will be used as a form of payment for job listings and will be rewarded to members through incentives to keep job listings and applications up-to-date and accurate.
United States

We’ll introduce the next 14 projects tomorrow.

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