Metaps Plus and OST Announce Partnership to Tokenize $140M+ Mobile Coupons Market

Metaps Plus operates a Marketing platform for mobile apps, servicing 300,000 daily active users and achieving 100 million app downloads per year. It also operates Korea’s largest mobile coupon platform and partners with 34,000 merchants, processing USD $140 million of coupon transactions in 2017.

Today I am thrilled to welcome Metaps Plus as our latest OST Partner Company.

Metaps Plus, a leading mobile marketing platform developer and a subsidiary of the Tokyo-listed Metaps Group (TSE:6172), has entered into a strategic partnership with OST to develop Blockchain-powered mobile coupons and payments, leveraging OST technology and the OpenST and OpenST Mosaic Protocols.

Ben and I first met Metaps in Seoul, South Korea, last month at our OST Presentation at HASHED. Metaps was seeking a partner to help them develop a branded blockchain economy that could scale to their massive consumer transaction volume. After attending our presentation of the OpenST Protocol, OpenST Mosaic protocol scaling solution, and OST KIT developer tools, Metaps went deep on understanding OST technology for blockchain-enabling mainstream apps. Over the past couple of weeks we cemented the partnership and began defining an exciting project plan.

Earlier this week Jisoon Lim, CSO of Metaps Plus sat down with Chris Dark, OST Chief Commercial Officer, and Jose Mota host of OST LIVE to discuss the partnership:

Metaps Plus, founded in 2009, is Korea’s largest mobile Fintech company. It also operates Korea’s biggest mobile coupon platform with 34,000 partnering merchants. In 2017 Metaps Plus processed $140M worth of coupon transactions.

Our collaboration with Metaps Plus will first focus on tokenizing mobile coupons. While mobile apps made coupons more convenient and user-friendly compared to its paper equivalent, end-consumers are still facing many traditional limitations like expiration dates, minimum purchase thresholds or restricting exchange at selected stores and locations.

Blockchain tokens solve many of these issues as they are tradable and have an inherent market value, bringing more flexibility to the end-user. To reflect the large variety of coupons that Metaps Plus currently processes, our partnership will tap into key areas of Blockchain development like Non-Fungible-Tokens to represent unique digital assets.

Metaps Plus is leading the charge in bringing Blockchain technology to mass consumers in Korea. Working with OST will help Metaps Plus create Mobile Coupons 2.0 and pave a whole new way for users to adopt, use and even trade coupons.
Seungyeon Kim, CEO of Metaps Plus
OST shares our vision and values and is building cutting-edge Blockchain infrastructure and tools. We look forward to working together, leveraging our established business network in Korea and OST’s technical expertise, thus bringing more opportunities to customers, brands, and merchants.
— Jisoon Lim, CSO of Metaps Plus
Blockchain technology will revolutionise loyalty programs across the world, empowering consumers by allowing them to own what they have earned. We are thrilled to partner with Metaps Plus, and to work with them to build a next-generation mobile coupon ecosystem.
Dr. Chris Dark, Co-Founder and CCO of OST

OST is Proving to be The Blockchain Technology Partner of Choice for Mainstream Businesses

OST signed partners represent billions of app actions and connect to hundreds of millions of users. We develop the OST technology stack hand-in-hand with our partners and based on their feedback. OST provides turnkey blockchain developer tools enabling companies like Metaps and Unsplash to focus on their users and their economies, while leaving the hardcore blockchain infrastructure to us. When OST partners launch on Mainnet in 2019 they will instantly exponentially grow the installed base of crypto users.

We’re proud that OST continues to be recognized as the partner of choice for mainstream apps with millions of users. Together we are empowering new economies.

About Metaps Plus

Metaps Plus is a Korean fintech platform founded in 2009. It operates the domestically top-ranked app marketing reward platform NAS (Trademark registration 4012646300000) and has 300,000 DAU, achieving 100 million app downloads every year. In January 2016, it acquired the mobile commerce company ‘SMARTCON’ and became the largest mobile fintech company in Korea. It operates the largest mobile voucher platform in Korea and partners with about 34,000 merchants. For more information, please visit

About OST

OST blockchain infrastructure empowers new economies for mainstream businesses and emerging DApps. OST leads development of the OpenST Protocol, a framework for tokenizing businesses and the OpenST Mosaic Protocol for running meta-blockchains to scale Ethereum applications to billions of users. OST KIT is a full-stack suite of turnkey developer tools, APIs and SDKs for managing blockchain economies. OST partners reach more than 300 million end-users. OST has offices in Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, and Pune. OST is backed by leading institutional equity investors including Tencent, Greycroft, Vectr Ventures and 500 Startups.