People of OST: Paul Kuveke, Blockchain Strategy Consultant

Paul Kuveke is a Blockchain Strategy Consultant at OST. Excited by big ideas and an early supporter of several second-generation crypto projects, Paul partners with OST’s North American partner companies to integrate blockchain technology solutions into their businesses. Paul previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilton where he helped organizations design and execute flexible business solutions.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m based in New York, so I’m in the office with OST’s commercial folks, accounting, finance, and so forth. I studied philosophy and economics at Washington Lee University. Upon graduating, I went to Booz Allen Hamilton and worked as a consultant contractor for the air force, doing business transformation and strategy.

What’s your history with second-generation crypto projects and blockchain technology?

I wasn’t one of the first people into Bitcoin. I found out about Ethereum from my brother in 2016. My brother was really raving about it and I was a little bit suspicious. He introduced me to programmable tokens and the second-generation crypto projects with smart contracts, programming contracts to remove middle man from the equation. At the time I had been very interested in regulation and how it affects individual and the well-being of a community. The removal of corruption is what got me into crypto. After this I was pretty engaged in crypto, I was active in the reddit communities and I’ve run a couple of masternodes.

What do you do as a Blockchain Strategy Consultant at OST?

I work with North American partners to help them figure out how they can transform their businesses for this next generation of business. We really think here at OST that this next generation of business is focused on using cryptocurrency and blockchain to empower users to be able to get more out of the web as we know it today. I work with about a dozen companies here in the U.S. and work directly with Mohit. We strategize different ways that we can optimize business and focus different drivers that we can improve. We try to keep up with Ben’s vision and Jason’s vision to dive into something that’s never been done before.

What type of partners do you work with?

A lot of what we do is generic consulting, including business drivers, KPI’s, growth outcomes, and figuring out how cryptocurrency can optimize and improve the scaling of their business. I’ve worked with a variety of companies including Unsplash. All of these companies do such different things, but they all have very much the same drive in them to grow, to scale, and to do the best they can with their users.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Rock climbing! I’d love to take a few months to go rock climbing in Europe I’ve climbed a little in the U.S., I’ve done bouldered a lot more in gyms, but it’s hard to take time out of my work and social life to do that.


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