Three New Startups Team Up with OST to Change the Way We Discover

From private city tours to exploring quaint towns to finding like-minded people: We welcome Touriocity, Traipse and Twilala to the growing OST family! In today’s post we’re introducing our three new Partners, bringing the number of official OST Partners to 26!


Founded in 2013 • Team of 7 • London, United Kingdom

Touriocity is all about making citytrips a unique, personal experience. The people behind the London-based startup used to run their own tour company in Rome, when they noticed a growing in trend in people looking for tailor-made itineraries.

Tour buses and the same old, tired walk around the Colosseum just didn’t cut it anymore: People were hungry for trips that you couldn’t find in a Lonely Planet guide. Fast-forward to today and we’re looking at a small but ambitious company covering more than 65 destinations: From old Amsterdam to exotic Bali and from vibrant New York to peaceful Geneva.

Blockchain will solve a number of current challenges we face and make us very competitive: Think of loyalty and referral schemes, micro payments, tour guide incentives and local promotions. And that’s just the beginning!
— Alex Grant, founder and CEO of Touriocity


Founded in 2014 • Team of 3 • Washington D.C, USA

Small team with big ambitions: The American startup Traipse is on a mission to keep the quaint towns of Virginia on the map. Their app gamifies the experience of visiting these towns by combining sightseeing with solving riddles and stops at points of interest.

But that’s not all: Traipse wants to tokenize downtowns in an effort to encourage people to visit locally owned businesses and to minimize credit card transaction fees for the merchants. Traipse believes tokenizing downtown currency through OST offers scalability that will lead to widespread adoption.

Users can earn points in-app by completing tours, sharing accomplishments on social media, and other actions. They can exchange those rewards for downtown tokens which they can then use for purchases at local businesses, transfer to friends and family as gift credit, or redeem for US dollars.
— Darren W. Smith, founder and CEO of Traipse


Twilala (twee-lah-lah) connects people in your area who share a mutual interest, from climbing mountains to wine tasting. You can use their app to exchange ideas, recommend locations or to organize meet-ups for like-minded people.

The Barcelona-based startup is partnering with OST to incentivize users who create and maintain high-quality groups in their mobile app. Though currently focused on the Spanish market, Twilala hopes to cater to millions of people all over the world by 2020.

We have been looking for a tool that would allow us to reward the users who participate actively on our platform, so we think that tokenizing Twilala could be the solution we’re looking for.
— Miquel Clariana, co-founder and CEO of Twilala

About OST

OST is building the complete blockchain toolkit for business.

Our ambition is to be the blockchain technology partner of choice for businesses of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication, enabling any business to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy powered by OpenST protocols and OST blockchain management software. The OpenST protocol enables companies to launch branded token economies on highly scalable, open, cryptographically auditable side blockchains. OST is actively investing in an ecosystem of developers and apps built on OST, to help drive requirements from actual use cases.

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