Genesis Block: A 9-Piece Single-Edition NFT Collection by Marso

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Our latest NFT collection entitled Genesis Block will be available on our Ownly Marketplace on October 15! Created by renowned digital artist Marso, this collection will include 9 single-edition pieces and an NFT reward.

According to Marso, she tried to relate the days of creation and the garden of Eden to the impact of having blockchain technology. She said making it look like a historical or religious art will hopefully help people remember it more. In a live interview, she told us that the first piece will be an illustration representing blockchain as the light of the world. We loved her explanation since the first block of any cryptocurrency is called the Genesis block and that idea is reflected in her creation of the first piece in this collection.

Marso said her work in this collaboration is quite different from her previous art pieces. Her past works were mainly connected to what she feels at the moment and her emotions. This time, the theme is solely based on showing this amazing technology.

Overview of the Genesis Block Collection

Marso presents another collection of work combining the elegance of geometry and a vibrant color palette dubbed as the ‘Genesis Block’ of Blockchain, reminiscent of the ceiling of the famous Sistine Chapel.

This collection can both stand alone as an individual piece or as a whole with every piece being unique leading to a culmination of the ‘creation’ and establishing of the whole blockchain space.

With that being said, the whole collection can be viewed starting from the bottom left (Creation), bottom middle (Distribution), bottom right, (Progress), top left (Prosperity), top middle (Liberty & Freedom), top right (Community), middle right (Immersion), middle right (Integration), and ends in the middle (Eden).

Marso #1 of 1: Day 1 Creation (Let There Be Light)

“In the beginning, there was only darkness. A formless and desolate void. From it, voice whispered: ‘Let there be light’.”

Creation is the first art piece from Marso’s ‘Genesis Block’ collection wherein it tells the story of how the ‘blockchain’ came into fruition. Integrating the core concept of a disseminated network that comprises computer systems or blocks, Marso pulls the viewer of the artwork into a trance-like state by showing a captivating take on the birth of the digital era, a la ‘digital renaissance’. Through artwork shows the viewers how blockchains work by using geometrical shapes and the hand as a subject while giving it the eye candy treatment Marso is known for. A piece worthy of the phrase: ‘let there be light’.

Marso #1 of 1: Day 2 Distribution (Expansion & Division of the Heavens)

“Let there be a separation between the heavens.”

The next piece in the ‘Genesis Block’ collection refers to the expansion and division of the blockchain, paving the way for distribution. Marso combines the imagery of the clouds, ocean waves, a road, and a star to bring to life her own interpretation of how the blockchain initially launched and where it is headed moving forward while doing it with flare.

Marso #1 of 1: Day 3: Progress (Bloom)

“Let there be dry land, bountiful waters, and nurturing vegetation.”

What comes after expansion and division?

Progress and innovation.

The third piece in the ‘Genesis Block’ collection by Marso highlights the idea of growth, creativity, and breaking out. Taking the symbolism of growth into upward arrows and vegetations, this piece gives off a sense of purpose and passion to the viewer with the main subject being a plant that blooms in the right kind of environment, a sentiment that can be seen throughout the various blockchain platforms and communities.

Marso #1 of 1: Day 4: Prosperity (A Bright Future)

“Let there be the sun, moon, and the stars to give light.”

The fourth installment to the ‘Genesis Block’ collection by Marso showcases the idea of a bright future wherein the possibilities and probabilities are tangible and not far out of reach mirroring the hopes and dreams of every user who is part of any blockchain platform, may it be an investor, a developer, a researcher, etc.; you name it.

Symbolized by a progressive and prosperous utopia, this piece communicates to the viewer that sense of a better tomorrow through the innovation and integration of the blockchain.

Marso #1 of 1 Day 5: Liberty & Freedom

“.. blessing them to multiply and fill the waters and the sky with life.”

The fifth art piece of Marso in her ‘Genesis Block’ collection presents her interpretation of the early adapters’ experience of glee, ecstasy, and pure bliss when it comes to seeing their dreams for the blockchain becoming a reality.

With the sun, moon, blocks, and keys as symbols, Marso gives the viewers of the artwork an otherworldly experience through her mix of art style and visual storytelling as depicted in this piece.

Marso #1 of 1: Day 6: Community (An Ecosystem of Belongingness)

“.. let there be of every species and race imaginable, for there is belongingness for everything.”

With the sixth piece, Marso tackles the idea of ‘community’ or ‘ecosystem’.; a sense of kinship, a nurturing environment, and a strong social bond across all blockchain platforms and users.

From developers to investors, there would always be a common denominator: connected. This is highly emphasized in the art piece through the use of symbols such as the valley, the trees, and the surrounding animals. Looking at the art piece, one would feel the sense of discovering a place that one would call home.

Marso #1 of 1 Day 7 & 8: Immersion and Integration

“.. and the creation of two forces that will shepherd all that was, that is, and that will be.”

The seventh and eighth piece of the ‘Genesis Block’ collection can be viewed as twins; two forces that are intertwined. Marso portrays this in the form of man and woman and mixes the subject with her own vibrant art style giving a fresh look at the core concept of Immersion and integration that goes hand-in-hand with user adaptation and experience.

Marso #1 of 1: Day 9: Eden (Into the Metaverse)

“.. once every creation was complete, everything was put in a place.”

The final piece for the “Genesis” collection by Marso triumphs the one place wherein all blockchain-related actions would build up to: Metaverse.

As depicted in the art piece, it is a place wherein everyone and everything that is imaginable and thinkable will take place such as NFTs, Smart Contracts / Policy IDs, Cryptocurrency, Digital Culture, and the like.

Rightfully placed in the center of the collection, Eden can be seen as the next goal for the trajectory of the blockchain force and all that follows. A culmination of all that came before, Eden shows the future of blockchain (if not the current state).

Marso believed that making this collection will bring more attention to blockchain and the crypto space. She said some of her artist friends are still confused about how it contributes to the art world:

“Some of my artist friends don’t completely understand or they don’t really enjoy thinking about blockchain and crypto. When I try to tell them that this is the future for artists, they are still confused about how it works. So making this collection will hopefully make them curious about the advantages of blockchain and the opportunities for artists now and in the future through this technology.”

She said the last two panels and the main artwork were her favorite pieces and she can’t wait to see what’s next for her in the NFT world:

“The main artwork summarizes the whole collection. There is the user, the ecosystem, and the tree itself. The tree of knowledge is the blockchain that connects everything together.”

“Creating this collection makes me happy because it has been a refreshing experience and I believe that making art related to tech might be the path I might continue to explore. Hopefully, this series will make a huge difference to my future works.”

We’re dropping this collection in two days but we still can’t wait to see all the details! Knowing Marso’s art style, we know each piece will surely feel ethereal.

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