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Marso, who we already introduced in our previous article, is a digital artist that will be making our latest NFT collection entitled Genesis Block. She will be the first female artist that we get to feature in our platform, and we’re already in cloud nine just seeing snippets of her pieces in this collaboration.

Last month, we already covered her background as well as a brief history of how she found her way into the crypto space as an artist. Now we’ll share her answers during our offline and live interview last October 7. Here you’ll learn her journey in discovering her art style and her wonderful pieces of advice for those who aspire to chase their dreams as an artist.

How is Your Personality Reflected in Your Work?

“My personality is colorful the same way that I like my works to be colorful and positive. I would say that my art style shows that I’m trying to be optimistic despite the hardships that I’m doing or with the struggles that I have.”

How Did You Build or Establish the “Marso” Brand?

“Aside from my geometric art nouveau-ish style, I was thinking of building it in a theme brand of futuristic, sci-fi, and robotics since these are the things that I’m interested in and I hope to touch other people’s hearts too.”

What are Essentials for Your Work for You as an Artist?

“The essential thing for me about being an artist is that I get to express myself. For me, there should be a balance because there’s a difference between being a designer and an artist. When you are a designer, you’re following instructions for someone else’s brand and when you’re an artist, you’re doing it for yourself. I’m both and I like the feeling of being free — the ability to do what I want while I work on something.”

How Long Did It Take You to Develop Your Art Style?

“Actually, I just discovered my art style this year. So it took roughly eight years of discovering myself. You know, once you are continuously creating art, you will notice the things that you like and you don’t like. Maybe today you like this type of texture and the next day that you don’t.

My advice to other artists on discovering their style is to keep creating and never give up. Stay true to yourself and don’t hesitate don’t undermine yourself. Just be you and stop copying other artists. There are a lot of people here in the world, but there is just one you so show your uniqueness through your work.”

How Has Your Drawing Style Changed Over the Years?

“My style before was doodles when it was the hype in 2010. After that, I got inspired by realism. I tried watercolor as well and then cartons because it was my work and then I also tried vector. I just kept on exploring and trying things that I enjoy. One day, I became lazy and that’s how I discovered my style. I said to myself that I’ll just try this style ’cause I want to draw but I don’t want to be exhausted. And when I finally finished it, I realized I did something fun, I wasn’t tired, and I was productive.”

Which Specific Artwork You’ve Made Are You Most Proud Of?

“The fall from Alice and Wonderland series was a really hard theme to pull off and one of the first illustrations that I made. I surprised myself when I created that and to be honest I wasn’t really confident about it. but a friend of mine told me how he loved the composition and how it matched the story.”

Have You Done Something This Year That You’re Not Really Satisfied With?

“Yes. But I learned not to be a perfectionist because I need to be productive. I’ve learned to tell myself that I’ll improve next time and people will see and appreciate it. Don’t expect that everyone will adore your art. Just appreciative that some people do. Just go and keep creating and your day will come. There will be bad days but there will also be good days so never quit.”

Are There Any Jobs You’re Interested in Besides Being a Digital Artist?

“I’m planning to study a basic development course next year and a trading course. I’ll do that if I have extra time ’cause I want to learn about crypto and create more innovative projects on my own.”

How Do The People Around You Support The Career Path You Took?

“Just by being emotionally there, giving a like, retweet and comment. These small gestures can make a huge impact because these really help in spreading the word. These priceless actions uplifts me emotionally to go on.”

What is Your Advice to People Who Haven’t Found Their Purpose Yet?

“I think one of the best pieces of advice that I could give is to just stay true to yourself. Most of the time we hesitate or we rely on so many external things and it clouds what we really want. But you have to know within yourself who you are. Don’t let other people or what critics say consume you. Just stay true to yourself and know your happiness. Don’t mind other people and just enjoy the process. Be who you are and just focus on you.

That’s everything! We hope you learned a lot from Marso’s answers as much as we did!”

Watch out for her collection in our Ownly Marketplace on October 15!

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