Now Is The Perfect Time To Collect CryptoArt

Micah Grace Rico
Mar 5 · 4 min read
Illustration by Lei Melendres

If you are updated about both blockchain and online art news, you already know that non-fungible token or NFT is the new trend when it comes to digital art.

NFT is a type of item in a blockchain that represents a physical or digital asset. For an NFT representing a digital art, we call it a tokenized artwork or simply CryptoArt.

While some may be hesitant to own a CryptoArt, we give you five compelling reasons why you should embrace and collect it.

  1. NFT is The Future of Digital Ownership

Tokenization of digital assets is more than a trend — it’s a solution. By adding a cryptographic signature into an item, we make it easier to verify and trace.

Most importantly, the implementation of blockchain technology in an item makes it tamper-proof, which allows each transaction involving it to be more secure. Non-fungible tokens are not just a trend, it’s here to stay for the better to revolutionize the future of digital ownership.

2. Own CryptoArt to Show Support For Artists

Buying CryptoArt can help the community of artists grow and be discovered.

In Ownly, it is one of our goals to help our artists here in the Philippines in their endeavors to get international recognition for their talents. They deserve a safe platform that allows their creative freedom and helps them display their passion and expertise in art.

So if you buy one CryptoArt, you are helping an artist realize his dreams.

3. CryptoArt are Valuable Fraud-Proof Assets

The same with physical art, CryptoArt is also a form of asset. Compared to physical art, CryptoArt is fraud-proof so you can be guaranteed that those imitations do not hold the same value as the one you own. By having a one-of-a-kind signature that cannot be edited or deleted embedded in the CryptoArt, you can be sure that it’s authentic.

For NFT traders, you can keep your CryptoArt and wait for a few months or years until its value appreciates before you sell it.

Collecting CryptoArt can be a fun way of trading.

4. Your Collection of CryptoArt Will Showcase Your Style and Preferences

Having your own collection of CryptoArt is a high-end way of showing off your style. CryptoArt is expensive because of their rarity and because they display the hard work and skills of the artist behind each artwork.

By having your own CryptoArt collection, you will be able to show your taste in art.

Collecting CryptoArt is an enjoyable experience because it is about you — what you like and how you want to curate it. Your collection will show everyone a glimpse of your preferences.

5. Be The First Few NFT Adopters That Pushed A Positive Change in Tech and Art

If you are one of those who missed out on Bitcoin, now is your opportunity to be the first one to adopt NFT. There is already a market for those interested in owning NFTs, and now is the tipping point where it is making a breakthrough.

You should be one of the early adopters who can say that they initiated the change — for the better.

In Ownly, we are growing a community that involves collectors to see the process and behind the scenes of making a tokenized artwork. We believe that once we fully established our online gallery, both the artists and collectors can have a place to display their collections and achievements in the NFT world.

We’ll be releasing our inaugural collection soon and we can’t wait for everyone to see it!

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