Aion: The Aion Foundation 2nd Report for year-end 2018, Aion ecosystem continues to grow, more events announced

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During the last two weeks, The Aion Foundation published the Aion Foundation Report Year End 2018. This report serves the purpose of providing insight into the internal operations, metrics, and strategies of the Aion Foundation so it continues to set a new standard of accountability with a focus on long-term impact. As for upcoming events, Matt Spoke announced as a speaker at TOKEN2049 in Hong Kong. He is also named as a speaker at the 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit, he will be hosting SingularityU Canada webinar at the end of the month. Aion Rebuild Conference, the second incarnation of the Aionex conference is coming in April, there will be more announcements to come on this. Mike Mason (Aion Ecosystem Development) continues to answer community questions at the end of each week on Weekly Community AMA on official Aion subreddit. Aion ecosystem continues to grow, Aion Connect is live, there are a lot of projects build on Aion. However, there is also a slight decrease in the number of token-holders. And as for social media dynamics — there is a decrease in the number of subscribers of Aion Telegram chats and subreddits.


GitHub metrics

The Aion Foundation continues to set a new standard of accountability with a focus on long-term impact. To that end, the Aion Foundation is proud to continue publishing the Aion Foundation Report Year End 2018. These reports will serve the purpose of providing insight into the internal operations, metrics, and strategies of the Aion Foundation.

Social encounters

Jeff Disher is the engineering team lead at AION — a powerful platform for building decentralized apps. A former Google and IBM software engineer, Jeff brings more than a decade of software engineering experience to the table. He has a bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

  • Aion Community Workshop: Create your first Dapp on Aion! (Beginner Friendly) — February 12th, 2019 at Aion HQ in Toronto.

Upcoming events:

  • Matt Spoke announced as speaker at TOKEN2049 in Hong Kong, 13th-14th March 2019.
  • MattSpoke is one of the speakers at the 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit 23rd-24th April 2019 — Edmonton Convention Centre, Edmonton.
  • Aion Rebuild Conference, April 23rd-24th, 2019: the second incarnation of the Aionex conference is coming, there will be more announcements to come on this.


Weekly Community AMA — February 8th, 2019: Mike Mason (Aion Ecosystem Development) answers community questions here at the end of each week.

Weekly Community AMA — February 15th, 2019.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from


Right on target (Phase 1: Kilimanjaro 2018 Complete).

Phase 2: Denali

  • Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 1

This AVM is a custom-built, lightweight, performant, and stable VM that leverages key characteristics of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing concurrency and robustness within a blockchain-specific context. The AVM is responsible for running applications on top of Aion. The AVM will include its own scripting language.

  • Aion Scripting Language

The Aion scripting language is used for writing chain logic that runs on Aion-Everest and potentially any connecting/participating network. The Aion language is compiled into AVM bytecode and executed by the AVM. The Aion language provides the following features: Defensive programming, Blockchain runtime environment, Blockchain context injection, Security.

  • Proof-of-Intelligence Consensus Algorithm

An economic measure to deter denial of service attacks by requiring participants, solvers in Aion-Everest, to perform artificial intelligence (AI) computation. The intent is to motivate the creation of AI-specific or specialized hardware that could be used for machine learning and neural network training in the future.


Phase 3: Everest 2019

  • Participating Network Bridging
    The generic bridge protocol is designed to enable the atomic movement of value and data between heterogeneous networks. This will enable the development of cross-blockchain contract logic and free-floating token supplies.
  • Complete Validator Nomination
    The Hybrid DPoS / PoI consensus mechanism aims to achieve high performance while providing a fair and decentralized validator set. This is achieved through a token staking system and partly through a novel verification algorithm based on concepts used in modern neural networks called Proof-of- Intelligence.
  • Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 2

Partnerships and team members

Aion Connect is live.

Aion app is now available again on the Ledger Live manager — firmware 1.5.5 included.

BlockX Labs — Why we’re building tooling for Aion: video. BlockX Labs was recently at Aion Engage and discussed working on tools for developers at the application layer.

Nodesmith, Inc. — announcing pre-seed investment by Bicameral Ventures & Matt Spoke.

Vault Wallet is now in open beta for android users.

Development Update: WandX DEX now supports AION.

AION demo on Plazus — Aion social media rewards program coming from

PocketID — “Facebook login” for mobile dApps on Aion.

GitHub — aionick/OfflineTransactionSigner: A tool for signing an Aion transaction offline.

Create an Aion dApp — Pet Roulette tutorial by Kimberly Luu.

Quadriga’s Conundrum: An Analysis — BlockX Labs — Medium (how to protect your keys on any blockchain).

Decentralizing Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions — Pocket Network provides infrastructure and SDKs for Aion development.

Projects Building on Aion:

• Metalyfe ( | @metalyfe

• Velocia (

• VeriTransfer (

• WandX ( | @wandxapp

• ClanPlay ( | @ggmarketplace

• Pocket network ( | @POKTnetwork

• WinMiner ( | @teamwinminer

• DeepDefence ( | @deepdefence

• RisePic (


• Agora (

• THÉO (

• Spiro (

• Vault Wallet (

• Cranberry (

• MatrixOne (

• Titan Suite (

• AionPay ( • BWF ( • AionRoulette (

• ForTheRecord (

• Get Aiwa wallet & DApp interaction tool for Aion: (

See also the List of AION Mining pools with live stats & hashrate distribution.



Source: @MattSpoke.
Source: @Aion_Network.
Source: @Unicorn_Watch.
Source: @sign_keys.

Active Reddit discussions:

As Aion Foundation is running out of funds…

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The community is quite active discussing latest news, development, mining, token price and possible partnerships.

New r/AIONgineering Reddit: 37 members on 12th February 2019.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 15–30 for one post. The number of followers has increased by 5 thousand over the last week.

Facebook — 10–15 likes per publication.

Reddit — threads with 2–10 comments.

Information from

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aion Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

Aion forum — discussions on mining, news, network statistics etc.

Popular topics:


Discord — active discussions on the latest updates and mining.

Global Social Channels:

  • Korea —
  • Russia — @AionNetworkRU
  • Poland — @Aion_Poland
  • Spanish — @AionNetworkES
  • Kenya — @AionKenya
  • Netherlands/Belgium — @AionBenelux

This is not financial advice.

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